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Switchers My name is Tess and I have a secret not even my parents know A strange boy named Kevin shows up and threatens to tell them I have the ability to change into any kind of animal He’s another switcher and says he needs my help to stop the snow and deep freeze that is creeping down from the Arctic A crazy woman named Lizzie says Krools are to blame and that Kevin and I are the only ones who can stop them We don’t know if what she says is true but we need to fly north and find out During our flight Kevin reveals his own secret; his birthday is approaching in the next few days On that day he'll lose his ability to switch and will be stuck in one animal form for the rest of his life What if we're in the middle of saving the world and he's stuck as a dolphin polar bear or albatross?I liked the idea of characters transforming into animals in order to save the world However the overall effect of the book left me a little disappointed The plot took too long to reveal details of the problem as too many pages were spent describing the chatacters’ trek to find Lizzie Then the climactic face off with the Krools didn’t meet my anticipation The solution felt too simple Kevin’s age problem provided an interesting twist and the resolution of the entire plot was satisfying So what am I saying? If you have the patience for slow plot development and you like animals then you should enjoy this book Really the concept was good but the suspense was lacking compared to other books I’ve read recently Wow I am seriously delighted and impressed with this book While it has some concepts in it that weren't exactly aligned with my own thought processes and while it introduced some other concepts that were surprising even when they made perfect sense once you had them introduced to you it was a book that was overall wonderful with fantasy and imagination It's so great to pick up a book and read about things that are so creative and wonderful I love being able to experience a story that says Well why can't we do that? Why can't we do this? We can do the impossible Who's to say that we can't?That's what reading this book was like It was like picking up a book that had been the very echo of my feelings and dreams and desires ever since I was a child and finding for the first time that I was not the only one who thought these things There was a lot that went into the actual finding of one's self when you're able to use the abilities of a Switcher as they were called in this story and I think for anyone who hasn't been too involved in this type of fantasy before that this would be a perfect book to start you off on a well grounded introduction of what it means to be able to shapeshiftNow for some personal rambling No need to read this part if you'd like This is my own critiue concerning Shapeshifting and Shapeshifters as a species It has no bearing on the book or its enjoyability so you can feel free to skip past this part to the next bolded section where I continue on after my own musings If you're interested in thoughts on Shapeshifters themselves though feel free to read belowOn another note I feel that they made this magical ability also too commonplace Perhaps that is only my own viewpoint from this preference and in all actuality I'm getting into my own rambling thoughts and not critiuing the book whatsoever at this point it made the point of saying that you were given this gift and could choose to be whatever you wanted up until a certain age They made it rare but also made it easily accessible And while it eases the responsibility of having shapeshifters come off as an entire race instead claiming that everyone could potentially unlock that ability it makes things feel incomplete It doesn't separate shapeshifting itself from an Ability or a Gift It remains simply as thatMind there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever but it ruins the rarity of a gift like this and of the responsibility that comes with this ability I suppose that was why the age limit was placed into the storyline as well to check those freedoms But in the end while the details of shifting in this book are so akin to the freedom and wonder of what this ability means it still has a long way to go before it measures up to the thoughts that I've had of itEnd personal musingsAltogether the book was really a fun read It had the excitement and wonder that all fantasy books should contain at least a fraction of in my opinion It also dealt with the reality of things as opposed to the magical abilities that the two main characters were bestowed with and I was glad of that Likewise I enjoyed the way that the author took the time to change the writing to suit the varying thought and speech patterns of the different animals that our main characters turned into I even like the fact that she made a point of alerting us when traits from the animals that our two main characters liked to change into the most began to be conveyed even in their human forms I found it a very keen inclusion in a story that handled the ability to shapeshift and take on the forms of different animals very well altogetherThe funniest thing about this book is that for its length you'd think it would feel short But I felt that the book ran just as long as was necessary and ended uite well It was decisive in the way it handled important decisions that our main characters needed to make and that rounded off the end uite smoothly for a story that just barely surpassed 200 pagesEven if you're not big on shapeshifters themselves if you like adventure and animals some mythological creatures and moments of well written excitement I think you'd uite love this book It's definitely one of those books that any fantasy lover should look into and even consider adding into their library If nothing else it feels like a very good book to me if you want a solid example of what Shapeshifters should be like and want a reliable source to point anyone's uestions toMy recommendation Fantasy and animals lovers should definitely check this one out and even risk buying it right off the bat because you'll find it has enough a mix of both to satisfy for the short read that it is For all others that have their interest sparked a little by this review definitely give it a shot I found this one at my library so I'm sure that you could track it down without too much difficulty yourself And if not ask the librarians to order it for you I've never seen this book outside of the library though so other than that I'll have to point you eBay or the like to try to find it there for a fair price But definitely give it a run if you see it around and these things are up your alley Otherwise if you want just an adventure give it a go and seeHope some of you will like it as much as I did A short uick fun read probably aimed mostly at the younger end of YA and younger I'd have adored this book as a kid I think but it was enjoyable enough if very straightforward even now I'm glad I got the entire trilogy as I'll be wanting to read onAs an added bonus after spending four days in Dublin last year I got extra enjoyment out of all the mentions of places and areas I'd been to It always adds an extra dimension to imagining the settings Amusing but this author needs to learn to keep track of time Shapeshifters in Ireland Switchers was a very interesting concept from the start; the cover is uniue and catches the eye The premise draws the reader in There were great points about this book but it wasn't without its flaws So though it was an original piece and the journey was interesting I can't give it than a 3One of the best ideas about this story was giving each of the animals a different point of view I thought this was interesting as most shape shifters have complete control over the animal and their human thoughts remain dominant Tess finds it hard to hold on to her human thoughts completely but is able to enjoy and appreciate the animal she becomes because of that The little catch to being a shifter is also an interesting twist that I enjoyed; it reminded me vaguely of Animorphs but also brought a bit urgency to the story The idea of the shifters learning about their limitations was a nice addition to the myth as wellWhat I didn't like was the pacing; I feel that some of the slower less important parts took up some of the vital scenes in the story leaving it a bit rushed and summarized toward the last few chapters I also felt that the characters were kind of hard to feel anything for By the end of the book I only vaguely cared as to what their final fate might have been The end leaves a bit of a hint toward the second installmentIt was a bit of a juvenile read but I liked it It was simple enough that an average reader or reluctant one can pick it up and probably get through it The story's relationship is geared toward friendship rather than anything romantic which is much appreciated in this day and age for YA novels It's a little slow at some times but overall is a decent story It's not the first thing I would recommend for a shifters theme but if you've already read through most of the genre it wouldn't hurt to pick up this one too Read when found at Stirabout BB Rathdrum IrelandReally enjoy Kate Thompson's story telling and interweaving of fantasy mythic elements with the current world Switchers is a book about a girl who has the ability to change into the form of any animal living or imagined She keeps her gift secret until the day that she meets a boy who tells her he knows her secret Not just that but he is a switcher tooFeeling the call of sa greater destiny she runs away with the boy and they meet a batty old woman living alone in an old farm house She too it seems was a switcher but as everyone loses the ability to switch on their 15th birthday she can no longer perform this featMeanwhile curious and uncommon cold weather threatens the world and the US military discover something unusual and potentially extremely dangerous in the arcticAll in all the concept here is very appealing children with special abilities usually makes for a good tale Unfortunately this was not one such tale for me at least Older readers will find the concept to be poorly thought through the characters are wooden except Lizzie the old woman but even she is a little stereotyped The tie in with a threat to the world is all very well but it it is presented in a way that must surely only appeal to younger readers There is very little tension and the story is very lightBut I would hesitate to give the book to the 7 age group that I think would enjoy the story most because it seems to be trying for an older readership Some of the language is a little strong event though one word is bleeped out and I can't imagine my 8 year old daughter really getting into these characters All in all there are books I think she would enjoy so this one will probably go straight to the atticThat is not to say everyone will hate this book It is written for children and children will like it I just think there are better stories out there I read the book Switchers by Kate Thompson for an honest review I wanted to give it 3 12 stars but the rating system didn't allow for that By Mousehead standards this book received 4 and 050 4 12 Just for the cover alone this book earned points It caught my eye immediately It's defiantly a head turner IMO The book itself is another matter It was put in the genre YA fantasysci fi I'm a fan of all those categories so I jumped at the chance to read it It is defiantly meant for the younger side of the young adult category 1214 yr olds max In my estimation That didn't stop me from getting wrapped up in the story anyways It has some great character's was very different from most supernatural shape shifter themed books One of the major differences was the types of animals the main characters in the story changed into From ratsdeergoatspolar bears dragons dolphins whales and With each switch you were also given insight into each creatures way of communication travel fears and instincts It was educational as well as entertaining This can be a rarity in literature lately There was no swearing love triangles steamy sex scenes Just friendship This was a change of pace from the current popularity of love between humans other that is strictly against the rules This was the first of a trilogy and ended with a little teaser into the next book It snagged me I'll be reading book 2 after I get through a heaping stack of tbr books I've made commitments to In all this talking about the beautiful cover and age appropriate readers I haven't given you much of a review Here's the synopsis Tess a 13 yr old has the ability to Switch into whatever type of animal alive fabled or extinct The only catch being that she loses the ability at the age of 15 can choose to turn into anything she wants at that point but no longer can switch back A boy named Kevin has spotted Tess as a fellow Switcher and asks her to help him on a monumental task that he's not even sure what it is Tess is the main pov in the story and as an only child in a very well to do family what Kevin; a scrubby loner with seemingly no family is a puzzle to Tess Kevin is a year and a bit than a half older than Tess The streets Switching lifestyle has made him older than his years but not to old to be nervous to make the journey alone Meanwhile the world is facing very unusual weather that has everyone from the government to the local meteorologist baffled Most people animals are heading for warmer climates that are becoming nearly impossible to find This is where Tess Kevin come into play With their Switcher abilities they might be able to succeed where everyone else has failed Through a network of rodents cat collecting lonely old spinsters and each other Tess and Kevin head directly into the storm to find out what is causing what might be an ice age The book Switchers had it's high points as well as a few low points that I honestly think were not flawed writing but a bit to clean cut for my personal taste It would be a great book for that in between age bracket that is still innocent to the suggestive and less clean cut books I'm used to reading It's a uick fun read meant for tweens Look to your local book store for this trilogy and by Kate Thompson You'll defiantly notice them because even outside this trilogy the covers of her novels are pure art Keep turning those pages As a switcher Tess has the ability to become any number of animals and learn the secrets of the animal world Then she meets Kevin another switcher with a very different life than hers Together they face a mystery that threatens to bring about disaster

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Kate Thompson is an award winning writer for children and adultsShe has lived in Ireland where many of her books are set since 1981 She is the youngest child of the social historians and peace activists E P Thompson and Dorothy Towers She worked with horses and travelled in India before settling in the w

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