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Glass Sword Krev Mare Barrowové je rudá jako většiny obyčejných lidí Má ale nadpřirozené schopnosti jako Stříbrná dovede ovládat blesky což je zbraň kterou chce královský dvůr získat pod svou kontrolu Sice ji obvinili že to vše jen předstírá a je prachsprostá podvodnice ale jí se podaří uprchnout od Mavena prince a přítele který ji zradil A Mare zjistí něco vskutku překvapivého – není jediná Rudá kdo má podobné schopnostiPronásledovaná Mavenem z nějž se nyní stal pomstychtivý král vyráží pátrat po rudostříbrných bojovnících aby je vyzvala k souboji s jejich utlačovateli Ale nehrozí snad Mare nebezpečí že se z ní stane přesně taková zrůda které se pokouší porazit Nezlomí ji váha životů jež je nutné položit ve jménu revoluce

About the Author: Victoria Aveyard

I'm an authorscreenwriter who likes books and lists This site is the nexus of my universeI wrote the #1 NYT bestselling series RED UEEN and my next series REALM BREAKER will be out in May 2021The genres I'm into include YA Fantasy Historical Adventure Apocalyptic if people are dying I'm buying

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    I am still #teamMaven Scroll down to the spoiler portion of my review to read my theory on his redemption arc I'm either right or dead wrong but my gut is telling me to there is to Maven than meets the eye Mare I am very afraid for y

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    And I am revealed for exactly what I am a particularly stupid fish moving from hook to hook never learning my lesson ^This is a pretty good summary of the whole bookI know some people will not like that I tried Glass Sword after being really

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    JUST I CANT YES This book Bless this book That ending Damn I can't even type in complete sentences after reading Glass Sword even though I just did

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    FREAKING AVEYARD AND HER FREAKING FINALES THAT HAVE YOUR HEAD SPINNING WHAT THE ACTUAL I'll be doing a full video review for this soon I'll share the link once it's live

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    edit 031416After long consideration I decided to not start 'Glass Sword' and uit this series instead the reviews released so far mention the lack of the two things I was looking forward to in GS action and Maven and I do not see the point of picking it up if I'll on

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    I'm declaring myself TEAM MAVEN for the rest of the series I don't mean I'm shipping Maven with Mare I mean I'm warship ing Maven AGAINST Mare and all her allies Reds you're going down BestMaven and Adam THAT is a ship I can get on board with PS Please note I do love Mare I

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    Rarely and I mean rarely do I abhor a book to its very core In an effort to give some structure to my upcoming rant I will limit myself to the things I disliked the most The title the writing and of course how our heroine is actually a terrible horrible person The Title I literally

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    You are not prepared for the awesome cackles in glee

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    Careful there Unavoidable spoilers from book #1 “Attend to your own fate Mare Barrow”“And that is?”“To rise And rise alone” As I sat wallowing in self pity speechless angry at this cruel world I had a revelation Victoria Aveyard enjoys being an evil mastermind She enjoys making me lau

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    Basically MockingjayAfter I finished Red ueen I suspected there would be a large problem with the seuel too many characters and details I was correct that I wouldn't remember them because the author just launches into the story here without as much as a previously on to refresh the audience with the stor

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