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The Big Break 375 4 starsBoth Jun and Kai are flawed flawed characters Jun is trying to raise her son on her own after being rejected by her tiger mother who died shortly after They never reconciled leaving Jun wounded and defensive Her mother was perfect and wise and Jun obviously screwed up by listening to a smooth talker when she was 19 and ending up pregnant and abandoned by both the father AND her motherKai saved Po Jun's son during a tsunami A pro surfer his leg was broken in several places during the disaster Kai lives for surfing and can't imagine life without it However the very proud man is having a great deal of difficulty admitting that he's now afraid of the water He's been spending most of the year since the tsunami and his accident in a drunken haze screwing around and sleeping with any tourist who crosses his pathJun and Kai have to learn to trust themselves and each other in this moving story about an athlete who just can't uit and a single mother who just can't learn to trust A world class surfer needs to know when to uit but even after a crash that wreaks his knee Kai Brady doesn't want to uit Instead he hired Jun Lee who asks him to meditate stop eating junk food and refrain from sex WhatWhen Kai finally agrees to all her rules he considers himself healed after all he is now surfing again and doing well But he also wants to create a family with Jun and her little boy but she can't allow herself to want him except in her dreams When will Kai see that Jun is important than surfing More importantly when will Jun agree that life with Kai is what she also wants 35 stars Sometimes you just have to dive inSince the tsunami nearly ended his career a year ago extreme surfer Kai Brady has kept a dark secret he’s terrified to get back on his board With everything he’s worked for on the line Kai needs a miracleand a kick ass trainer That ‘miracle’ is a gorgeous single mum Jun LeeJun Lee can see that the heartbreakingly gorgeous surfer who’d selflessly rescued her son when disaster struck now needs to be saved himself But the attraction between them proves to be a force stronger than the ocean and just as dangerous

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I'm the USA Today bestselling author of than 17 books I've written in a number of genres chick lit romance suspense paranormal and young adult My debut novel I Do But I Don't was made into a Lifetime Original movieI grew up in Mesuite Texas which for those of you who like livestock shows is the home of the Mesuite Rodeo Ironically Mesuite was named after Mesuite trees only

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