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Norte Three unconnected men travel north each passing in isolation over one of the most troubled and controversial dividing lines in the world the Mexico US border But in a melee of language and blood their stories—of a young serial killer a professor and his lover a graduate student who writes graphic novels and an outsider artist in a mental institution—gradually begin to coalesce Daring in both its protagonists and its structure Edmundo Paz Soldán’s Norte is a fast paced vivid and operatic blending of distinct voices Together they lay bare the darkness of the line over which these men—like so many others—have passed A prominent member of a new generation of Latin American writers Paz Soldán stands in defiant opposition to the magical realism of the past century instead grounding his work in political economic and historical realities Norte is no exception; it is a tale of displacement and the very human costs of immigration Shocking with its violence even as it thrills with its language confounding rather than cowing under the cliché of the murderous drug dealing immigrant Norte is a disuieting imperative work—an undeniable reflection of our fragmented modern world

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    the third novel from bolivian author and cornell professor edmundo paz soldán to be rendered into english norte weaves together three disparate but not entirely unrelated narratives featuring immigrant characters from mexico and argentina two of the threads are inspired by real life individuals ángel maturino reséndiz the railroad killer and martín ramírez a self taught schizophrenic folk artist contending with the personal po

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    Dick LitI picked that term up from Tatiana's review of another book with North in the title North Water She defines the term as pseudo manly books like The North Water which pretends to be some kind of deep tough literature but fails to hide that its author has an almost juvenile obsession with violence gore and bowel movements That seems fitting hereWhich isn't necessarily to say that Paz Soldán isn't a good writer He is a compelling one

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    I read the English translation This is a tough book from three perspectives but one is a serial rapistmurderer which caught me off guard It’s well written and the stories are loosely woven together However once I read the translator’s notes which are at the end the book made MUCH sense and I wish I read this in Spanish

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    When I started reading Norte I actually thought it was too dark but as I continued the reading it grew on me and like all of the books by Edmundo Paz Soldán I couldn't put it down until the end

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    TW graphic scenes of rape murder mutilationNorte is Bolivian author Edmundo Paz Soldan's third novel originally written in Spanish and translated into English There are three distinctly related narrative threads within this novel two of which are inspired by real people The first is the story of Jesus a ruthless serial killer based on the life of Angel Maturino Resendiz who hopped freight trains throughout the US and murdered his victims in their homes near railr

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    I checked Norte out from the library based entirely on the cover and book title They caught my eye and intrigued me so much that I didn't even read the synopsis before starting the story and I'm glad I went that route The first few chapters are shocking though really no so than the rest of the book and the story as a whole is kind of confusing right up until the end That's not to say that Edmundo Paz Soldan has written a story that could easily be summed up or tied toge

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    Wow I feel a little rinsed out from this book And almost find it disturbing that two of the characters are based on real life people One I felt terribly sorry for and one who was truly horrifying The first chapter is harrowing and VERY graphic possibly a little to much so a continued but only uibble I have with the book But if you can get past that I think it is a fabulous read Particularly compelling in the current climate regarding migrants both legal and not

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    Three inconsistent stories that were not overly interesting or original

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    Right wing border stereotypes—plus psychosis times 2 Senseless violence rape murder Incarceration to no good end Three separate narratives that fail to converge Disappointing

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    LITERARY FICTIONEdmundo Paz SoldánTranslated from the Spanish by Valerie MilesNorte A NovelUniversity of Chicago PressPaperback 978 0 2262 0720 9 also available as an e book 312 pgs 1800October 26 2016 ‘In Spanish there’s an expression “perder el norte” which means to lose one’s way to lose sight of a goal to lose control to lose the sense of where is up and where is down on a compass’ Three tales are told in Norte that of Jesús a serial killer from Northern Mexico who rides the rails acr

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