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A ruthless criminal unleashes his most feral desires in the new Leopard novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wild CatPassion melts the will of an ice cold criminal when he meets the one woman who can tame the beast inside himLeopard’s FuryWith her own bakery in San Antonio Evangeline Tregre made a new life far from the brutal lair of shifters she was born into Though she is all too aware of her leopard shifter blood she never felt the sensation of a wild animal stirring inside her Not until Alonzo Massi walked into her bakery The powerful shifter is as irresistible as he is terrifying but his icy demeanor tells her to keep her distanceAlonzo knows better than to let himself get involved with someone like Evangeline She doesn’t deserve the type of danger that follows him or the threat of his Amur leopard But even with his lean muscle and iron will Alonzo isn’t strong enough to stay away from the one woman who can make him feel at peace And when their secret lives draw a mortal threat Alonzo unleashes the feral passion he keeps pent up inside himself Leopards Fury Leopard People #8

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Evangeline Tegre left the swamps for a better life for herself and saves and scrimped her money to open up her own bakery in San Antonio She keeps her shifter side uiet and she refuses to be part of that brutal world she grew up in But then her world turns upsid

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    Leopard Fury is the 9th book in Christine Feehan’s action packed Leopard series The world of shifters can be brutal and exotic For the couple in this story Evangeline Tregre and Alonzo Massi their childhood lairs were full of violence brutality and terror Evangeline was abandoned as a baby by her parents left to fend on her ow

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    Why it got 35 stars 1 I liked the backstories for both Fyodor and Evangeline It hints at their difficult past and strength Fyodor was ruthless and determined Evangeline was a survivor But in the present they are simply Fyodor playing the Ice Man and Nice Girl Evangeline 2 The relationship built slowly and both of them accomodated

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    Love love loveI LOVED this story from the first page to the last A mix of paranormal and crime genres there was nothing about this book I didn’t want to just re read over and over again This author has created a new genre for me – shiftermafia – that I can’t get enough ofEvangeline Tregre was a mystery in plain sight Alonzo Ma

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    DNF 60% Blah blah blah boooooringAlonzoFyodor the man of no expression and Eva the woman in hidingIt's a case of it's me not you or the author I guess I thought she might have changed since I read her last But no it's still tooo serious tooooo dire tooooo repetative etc I mean would it kill the author to have someone crack a smile now a

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    When I started this book I was instantly in love with the female protagonist Evangeline She is written as a strong independent and intelligent character who has relied only upon herself and her leopard since childhood She is just starting her business but is satisfied that she is making it on her own The male protagonist is introduced right

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    This story I enjoyed a lot because I liked the dynamics between Evangeline and Alonzo This story can be read as a standalone For those reading this series in order Alonzo shows up in the previous book He was a uestionable good guy there and in this one he's supposed to be an anti hero I really liked him There is something about how Alonzo was

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    What do you get when you put a hero who suddenly finds himself with something he thought he'd never have or deserve and a heroine who doesn't want anything to do with it together in a world created by a master story teller like Christine Feehan? You get a great readThis story is a roller coaster showing the dangers not only of their crime family

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    This was a 3 star for me for the most part but the police scene where the hero gets jerked off while talking to the policeIT was STUPID and didn't fit the scene at all So no 3 Stars for you This wasn't as bad as some of the books that CF has done lately but certainly not one of her bestwhich is seems to be CF's new normal

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    45 starsLoved this book and LOVED the way he loved her 3

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