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A Fox's Love American Kitsune #1 This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00IBECH2The story of a boy a fox and a lot of fanservice Kevin Swift has the worst luck with women It’s not that he’s unattractive or even unpopular He just can’t talk to them He blames it on all of those shōnen love comedies that he enjoys watching Fortunately or unfortunately―depending on who’s asking―Kevin’s love life is about to start looking up After saving a fox Kevin discovers that he actually rescued a kitsune a shape shifter capable of transforming into a beautiful girl who appears to have popped right out of the pages to a shōnen manga Her name is Lilian and she has decided that he is going to be her mate―whether he wants to be notBetween dealing with an overly amorous vixen’s zealous attempts at getting into his pants his inability to talk to girls and school Kevin is going to have his hands fullWarning do not expect this to be anything spectacular It's a romantic comedy filled with fan service a sexy fox girl and fourth wall breaks If that doesn't appeal to you well read at your own risk I received this book for free in exchange for an honest reviewA Fox's Love follows a nerdy teenage boy that is obsessed with anime manga and video games named Kevin One day on his way home he finds an injured fox and takes her home Little does he know this fox is actually a kitsune and she Lillian has claimed him as her Beloved and mate Kevin's world is turned upside down as he tries continuously to stave off the sex deprived fox shifter This is a rather funny book I giggled through 90 percent of it Brandon also managed to make a character I positively despise with a burning passion seriously she's up there with my hate for Dolores UmbridgeWhile they were than a few grammatical mistakes this is a book I would recommend to anyone who likes anime and manga Hilarity ensues and the breaking of the Fourth Wall is entertaining also This book is fucking hilarious And the author owes me a new keyboard goddamnit Yeah I'm talking to you Brandon Don't give me that look No it doesn't have a warranty It's just a 10 keyboard What? No I don't have a spare one lying around Shut up man Just shut upYeah this book is like that The author talks to his characters and the characters talk back Hell he even talks to you the reader Because he can I guess And because it's fucking hilariousThis book is the story of anime coming to life A 15 year old boy finds a wounded fox on the side of the road He takes the fox home and tends to its injuries Amazingly the fox starts to heal itself Kevin watches as the wounds gather together and heal Then he notices that the fox has two tailsHe figures that maybe the fox is some kind of mutant or a government test subject But whatever man Yeah I told 'em that bit Shut up I'm getting to it Fuck So Kevin leaves the fox in his room and goes off to school Stop giggling man Yeah I know what comes next Big titties Damn dude You're droolingSo yeah Kevin comes home and finds that his fox has transformed into a Kitsune which is a fox who can transform into a human And in this case it transformed into a beautiful teenage girl with the biggest tits that Kevin had ever seen Because yeah man here it comes She was standing there plain as day nakedKevin promptly faints as you do Because his tiny 15 year old brain cannot handle what he was seeing Hot Naked Girl Panic Yeah I told them about the tits man Jesus calm down Go jack off or something What? No man Get your own fucking lube DamnOkay I get the panic I really do I was a timid and shy 15 year old If I saw a naked girl in my room I'd probably panic as well I might even flee Or piss my pants Or just stand there staring Yeah I'd probably just stand there and gawk And drool But I wouldn't pass out for fuck's sake That's just retardedShut up man I know it's your story and it's a good story but it still has its flaws okay? So shut the fuck up so I can finish this thing Damn But seriously This fucking guy faints like 5 goddamn times in this book Every single time because of this sexy fox and her super hotness And those huge fucking boobsI'm pretty sure the author of this book jacked off several times while writing it because damn He described those boobs so many times Yes you did man Shut up I know they're awesome but you don't have to tell me nine thousand fucking times how awesome those tits are man I get itPlot things happen and then the boy and his fox are chased by a hound Well it's really a bully from school who can turn into a hound And apparently hounds don't like foxes especially human foxes So a battle ensues and the fox girl uses her super anime powers to escape and defeat the houndBut she leaves him alive so he can gather up all his hound buddies for the next book I hate it with authors do this I mean I get it You want me to read the next book in the series But still Shut up man Let me have my beef No I don't want a goddamn hamburger Oh you're going to town? Good Get me some friesGlad I finally got rid of that fucker Now where was I? Oh yes my beef This kid Kevin I don't get this kid He's got this naked girl throwing herself at him and all he can do is scream and faint and try his damnedest to get rid of her At no point does he cop a feelThis story goes on for another 200 goddamn pages with this naked fox girl throwing herself at this kid and the entire time all he can do is sueal I mean they sleep in the same bed and everything Well he sleeps on the couch but she finds him and they always end up sleeping together NakedAnd you know this fucker has a boner the entire time Even when the fox girl finally puts some clothes on she's still coming on to poor Kevin constantly He's got to have a constant boner He takes cold showers every day but the fox girl barges into the shower with him and nearly rapes him But he still resistsWhat the fuck Brandon? I said Coke not Diet Coke damn Where was I? Oh yeah I was telling them about Kevin and his boner and why he doesn't bang the living shit out of this hot ass fox girl That's the problem man There's no reason for him not to bang her Yes I know he's got a crush on that other girl in school Big fucking deal He's got this even hotter girl throwing herself at him What's his fucking problem?Yes I know you said he wasn't gay Are you sure? No man I'm telling you this kid has got to be gay I don't care how timid or shy you are you don't deny yourself pussy for that long When it's being thrown at you constantly? Fuck no man You're eventually going to give into itI still loved this story though It reminded me of my teenage years It showed me what a perfect teenage fantasy would look like Okay not so perfect He should have banged her man She was begging for it Whatever Go fuck yourself Manga Amine do I know what they are? YEP Did it matter to me when reading Brandon Varnell’s A Fox’s Love? NOPE Before you gasp in dismay or disbelief once I started this uirky sweet and often hysterical novel I was a goner No I didn’t get lost in the story Brandon Varnell cleverly placed reality checks along the way kind of like speed bumps without the jarring or maybe like one liners a comedian would toss out a split second later you get the laugh value and love it Tongue in cheek comments aside Brandon Varnell has a light hearted fun read definitely written from a male perspectiveA teen with a love for animals rescues an injured fox sneaks it into his apartment and attempts to nurse it back to health What happens next may justify the saying”No good deed goes unpunished” but I can’t say the punishment was completely unpleasant for Kevin school geek virgin and far too shy to even speak to girls That adorable little fox not only healed amazingly uickly but turned into a stunningly beautiful well endowed female stark naked of course Better than any fantasy completely uninhibited and standing right in his apartment tail wagging So like any normal red blooded teen male Kevin naturally succumbs to staring and assessing and sounding like a blathering fool but do note he managed to keep staringLilian is a Kitsune and has claimed our Kevin as her mate with all that en’tails’ He is in way over his head as Lilian is a force to be reckoned with but wait there’s Could there be like her? Could Kevin be in danger? Come on how much can a high school sopho take?Brandon Varnell has set the bar high for this new series; can he keep the laughs and uirkiness up? Can he create even characters that make you laugh make you want to visit their world just for the fun of it? Does Mr Varnell have a literary work of art on his hands? Um well I guess that depends on how much one wants to enjoy a few laughs look at high school from the eyes of a teen trust me this was a very REAL look and if one wants to be in a good mood when they finish Greatness is in the mind of the reader I do know I will be recommending this to friendsI received this copy from Brandon Varnell and as soon as I stop chuckling will thank himSeries American Kitsune Book 1Publication Date February 28 2014Publisher Brandon VarnellGenre Humorous FantasyPrint Length 278 pagesAvailable from Reviewed for This book was sweet and adorable I wasn't sure what to expect going into this novel Some of the reviews were lukewarm some even ugly I decided to reserve judgment until I'd read itThis book turned out to be intensely heartwarming Every character is a sweetheart and their personalities shine through in every page I can't wait to get going on the rest of the series and watch them developThis book definitely has some adult content There are various ways to phrase that but just be aware that sensuality occasionally plays a big role The book didn't feel like it crossed lines into full on erotica but it's present so just be awareThe writing style and narrative voice is solid This author has talent and is only going to improve with time I can't wait to get into his other worksGood good stuff And a brand new author I got the kindle edition but I'll be grabbing a paperback copy for my shelf

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