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Blood Magic Divided Realms #3 An electrifying fantasy tale filled with shocking twists heart pounding action and magic—perfect for fans of Throne of Glass Graceling and The Girl of Fire and ThornsElena survived the witch king's clutches and the deadly witch trials to return to Gray Haven Yet she is far from her heart's desire—to save the man she loves As she and her daring companions take one last uest into enemy territory to save Jon Elena will face hardships she's never imaginedMeanwhile as rumors of monstrous forces gather on the horizon an unspeakable tragedy shatters Elena's world A darkness grows in Elena's soul caused by the awakening of the black magic within her and soon finds herself on a deadly path at risk of becoming exactly the kind of monster she is trying to killBut if Elena can't find the strength to fight not only the darkness inside her but the evil about to be unleashed it could mean the end of everything Last book in the Trilogy Who will win?Hard to put down Elena has so much resting on her shoulders; so many decisions to make So many times she feels she's failed someone but she never gives up the fight Will it be worth it in the end? Can so much darkness and evil be defeated? Does it all rests with her? Find out You'll be rooting for her all along I'm sorry I just can't I can't stand Elena She's like a petulant child The first two books were iffy but I can't leave a series unfinished The way that everything was brought to a close just seemed to be rushed through It seemed like sentences would repeat themselves I will say the one thing that surprised me was the whole Rose thing I really wanted to like this series but it's a No for me I mostly enjoyed this final book in the Steel Maiden trilogy and it was good to see how the saga concludedHaving said that the story was relatively drawn out and extremely predictable Hard core fans of Richardson won't be disappointed with this installment but my feelings towards it were decidedly lukewarm At times it was rather cliched and the inclusion of a strong female lead was not sufficient to overcome this flaw Great endingGreat conclusion of the series A little too much trembling on Elena's part and too much fear I would expect her to be in control of her fear after sooo many terrifying situations It was too bad new couple was married before Elena and Jon but I can live with the conclusion A stunning dollar coaster rideThis series divided Realms steel maiden witch ueen and blood maiden was a page Turner What a ride I was up each night til 2 am to finish each of them The plot has many twists and turns you can't help but sit on the edge of your seat each book builds up on each other thinking and molding the adventureThe characters are well designed and stay easy to remember in action scenes A strong female heroine princes revenge magic and of course romance I was all for Jon but deep down I secretly hoped for the witch prince I give this 5 stars because not only could I feel the magic theme books are just that magic a unicorn among a herd of horses which there are plenty of horses in this series I look forward to checking out Kim's other series total recommendation to my fellow readers I really enjoyed this trilogy It's not perfect and Elena can be obnoxiously stubborn but the twists and characters made it worth it Good finishing book for a great series If you enjoyed the first 2 in this series then this one will be right along those same feelings 5 HUGE Stars Full review and rating will be up at Boundless book Reviews I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this bookWowwhat a conclusion of a trilogy I am kind of sad that it has ended though as i love this world It is just filled with so much imagination that it whisks me away to another world full of the good and bad aspects of magicThis storyline was just such an addictive read you seriously get plled into the tale from the first page as this is a trilogy and the third book in this series so you have to read the first two books as it won't make a lot of sense otherwise This story is jam packed full of adventure and surprises in no way is this book predictable and because of that you are kept on your toes throughout the whole story You definitely learn a lot about the world that this is based in in this book and you really see the hope people have but enough said on that as i definitely wouldn't want to give anything away Let me just say it's a very exciting read that this author has created my opinion of how talented this author is just goes up and upYou meet uite a few new characters in this book and of course you have the characters from the other books as well Having new characters from different places gives you a personal view of the different realms and the people within it I loved the characters from the other books still look out for the Prince i loved his character he has a strength and a charisma ti him that is infectiousI can't rate this book highly enough this is a must read and everyone should have a copy of this it's simply amazing

About the Author: Kim Richardson

Kim Richardson is the award winning author of the bestselling SOUL GUARDIANS series She lives in the eastern part of Canada with her husband two dogs and a very old cat She is the author of the SOUL GUARDIANS series the MYSTICS series and the DIVIDED REALMS series Kim's books are available in print editions and translations are available in over 7 languages

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