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AJ's Serendipity Love at First Sight 25 RatingThis is the first novel I’ve read by Ms Frierson “AJ's Serendipity is a love at first sight romantic tale which takes you on a brief tour of the beautiful Island of Greece The characters main and secondary are interesting and I find their antics throughout are often amusingAJ is a handsome Greek restaurant owner who is instantly attracted to Samara a tourist from America who he spies checking out the local Greek marketplace Although AJ admits Samara isn’t usually his type he still finds himself completely enad with her and eager to spend the last few days of her trip being her personal tour guide AJ is a bold and confident man once he realizes what he wants he goes after it full force He is determined to make Samara fall in love with him marry him and make her mother of his children I enjoy the way the author portrays Samara with such a sweet innocence Samara is puzzled by AJ’s attraction to her she has difficulty believing this handsome and charismatic man can possibly have the slightest interest in her because she is not the tall slender model type that men like AJ usually pursue AJ totally captures Samara’s heart and teaches her to indulge in her own happiness for once and stop living for others But is Samara capable of letting go and putting her trust in this very striking stranger who is not only older but also experienced?This novel is a sweet romantic FAIRY TALE which I found a little repetitive and slow at times And I MUST also say that if my girlfriend hadn't given me this book I don't think I would have purchased it myself; it’s little too pricey for only 133 pages However I still think it's an okay read I'm gonna keep this short sweet and to the point I really enjoyed this novel and I love the fact that is was written from the male's side instead of the female's AJ is the guy you wish you could meet because he is ver debonair and zealous Also you see great progression in the novel which I love to see read in books Also a couple reviews I read said that the words he AJ used to describe her were unrealistic but you have to remember the AJ is supposed to be Greek Now I'm not sure how Greek men speak so I wouldn't be to uick to say that it is unrealistic Wonderful love at first site novel Sorry if there are any gramatical and or spelling errors I'm using my phone and its just Uhh Kind of repetitive And boring I'm not one to stop reading a book after starting regardless if I hate it But I have too many on my list to waste my time on this Sorry It isn't horrible but there's other things in life I could be doing This was a sweet story The main character AJ who tells the story is also a side character from an Aliyah Burke novel which is part of the MLT seriesthe main character from that novel Dimitri also appears in this book This is really an enjoyable read you won't be disappointed On a side I didn't care for the Burke novel even though I enjoyed many of the stories in the series this wasn't one of them and didn't finish it Ms Frierson breathes new life into both of Ms Burke's characters Please don't get me wrong I love the way that Savannah J Frierson spins a tale of Interracial Love Lust and Relationship Redemption But After reading this one for the 4th time I am sensing a disconnect with the way that this tale was spun Perhaps it has something to do with the overly descriptive passages about a curvy Chica and her body Or perhaps it has to do with her Greek lover and the way that he calls her PreciousI don't know why I found myself annoyed with a few passages in the book I really don't But what I do know is this This book is a fairly decent read that is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoonGiving this one 3 solid stars cute near the ending of this book where AJ meets Samara's family is incredibly sobering and provides an eerily similar example to the way i feel about my own life at times this lets me know that there are tons of young woman out there who don't know how to grasp concepts relative to self confidence and believing in your self worth with or without companionship andor strong familyhood Another onw where I liked the guy but the girl was too stupid to breathe I swear she giggled into his chest so much I'm pretty sure he fell in love with the top of her head And the constant use of yhe word buss instead of kiss had me ready to screamThe writing form is solid; Frierson clearly knows HOW to write But the content was less than worthy The last thing Greek Alejandro Melonakos expected to find when shopping for food for his restaurant was the love of his life but that was exactly who he found when he spotted Black American Samara Grossman across the marketplace Will he be able to convince her of his love and gain hers in return during her five days on vacation or will his serendipitous find be all for naught Read it as a continuation of Dimitri's Moon A great story She's an exceptional writer

About the Author: Savannah J. Frierson

Based out of Charleston South Carolina RWA PAN member Savannah J Frierson is a USA TODAY best selling and award winning author who crafts full happily ever afters for readers who believe transcendent love is worth the wait Savannah taps into women’s softness to show this vulnerability as a strength to be embraced and celebrated Savannah’s characters find empowerment through love and she hop

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