Curvy Yoga Love Yourself Your Body a Little More Each Day

Curvy Yoga Love Yourself Your Body a Little More Each Day Full review pendingI just wanted to say that I absolutely loved this Anna's curvy yoga online studio was the first yoga instruction I ever found fit me and reading her book now I understand why she's just like me A few moments in the book were actual experiences I went through around the same ages concerning my weight and body I feel so seen I loved this book It helped me to understand how people with not so trim bodies can adjust yoga moves so EVERY BODY has the ability to do yoga I really had no idea some of some of the struggles The author is so down to earth in her writing and candidly shares her experience with her constant battle with excess weight and how she has finally come to terms with it and actually accepts her body for what it is The author Anne Guest Yelley is the founder of Curvy Yoga and even offers training so other studios or yoga instructors can offer this The colorful photos make this a great resource book too What a gift of love this book is To read it is to love yourself This was a really nice book I love Anna's positivity and sense of humor I personally had not heard of Curvy Yoga before reading this but I think the concept and what Anna is doing is really awesome As far as the memoiradvice portion of the book goes the beginning was great and so was the end but I kinda got lost in the middle I feel like books like this can have a tendency to begin to sound somewhat repetitive and I kinda felt like that's what happened I actually have a chronic illness and the way that Anna said that yoga was for everyone there is not necessarily one right way to do a pose and that anything can be modified really inspired me I also really enjoyed the poses and modifications included in the appendix As someone who knows very little about yoga this wasn't a bad introduction at all I had several a ha moments while reading this book it was really refreshing to read an author who was able to express some of my internal fat phobic feelings into words of clear understanding Several highlighted sections and some thoughts worth returning to I read this at the same time I located a certified Curvy Yoga instructor and took some classes as well The combination of the two enhanced my learning of the concepts both physical and otherwise I loved this book but not for the reason I bought it I bought it hoping for modifications to yoga poses for curvy folks as sometimes my little extra gets in the way There are modifications shown in the book Unfortunately for me I knew these I ordered online so didn't get to flip through it first However I completely forgive the book for that because the body acceptance message was fabulous Just fabulous I wasn't even interested in body acceptance but now realize I have a new goal and very happy for it This book has really inspired me to connect with myself throughout my yoga practise instead of trying to land every pose perfectly like all the other yogis do It teaches you how to connect with your body and turn it into a loving relationship it has some great practises throughout the book as well over all a great read “Finally A book that puts our culture’s destructive body shaming to rest and gives women the tools they need to forge a new loving relationship with their bodies” —Linda Sparrowe former editor in chief of Yoga International and author of Yoga At Home Inspiration for Creating Your Home Practice Have you wanted to try yoga but wondered if it was for you Or perhaps you were uncertain whether you could carry out the poses As the creator of a body affirming yoga phenomenon that embraces people of all shapes and sizes Anna Guest Jelley has written an encouraging book that is about to become your go to resource In Curvy Yoga® she shares stories about body shaming with poignancy and even sometimes with humor Guest Jelley also reveals how things started to change once she found yoga—the last thing the self declared non athlete ever thought was possible In addition Guest Jelley shares how yoga can help you connect with your body and why accepting your body doesn’t mean giving up on it Finally in the appendix she presents a series of pose instructions and options to make yoga work for your body—not the other way around This really made yoga feel accessible to me I loved how she was relatable and my favorite part was how she showed how to make the yoga poses work for you no matter where on your journey you are at I am not really a curvy woman but this book offers so much to think about my own biases aboutfat about my own weight my relationship to food clothes and perhaps best of all it makes the tools of yoga so accessible a great invitation to make friends with our own bodies

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