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Otherlife Dreams The Selfless Hero Trilogy Runner has a problem He and 499000 men and women of the military are trapped in a game Runner is the only person in the IT department in game the only one with administrative access rights And he doesn't remember his password When their brains were synched with the game it scrambled most of their memories The problem is that whoever loaded their minds into the game loaded them completely If they die their brain dies Now it's time for Runner to flex his skills as a power gaming min maxer and see what he can do Because every time he levels he might just gain the memory of the password Time to go Hardcore

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    Otherlife Dreams was the first book in William D Arand's Selfless Hero Trilogy It was typical LitRPG with a classic Sword Art Online set up It was actually pretty hardcore on the RPG aspect and elements of the story even for a LitRPG book What is had going for it was that despite going heavy on the RPG nature of the VR world the hero found himself trapped in this was not one of those LitRPG books that got bogged down in endless streams of mindless re

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    This one's for the guysI think this book has a very specific audience; RPG players who are male I've played many RPGs and enjoy virtual reality stories but being female don't really fit the target audience Why does it seem like it's for guys only? Because every female character description includes her bust size And they are all gaga over the main character Allofthem And all the secondary characters ARE female Yeah Other things I found annoying that you

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    The initial concept was fun Thousands stuck in game game glitched main character is special because of the breadth of his skills rather than having one special thing Then the main character met a few other people all beautiful girls and the wheels came off I found my eyes skipping over entire paragraphs just to get past the truly wretched dialogue and the description that surrounds it Why comment on every girl's appearance every time you talk to them? Why le

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    The idea of a character being launched into and stuck inside an MMO is becoming a regular genre these days but William Arand manages to separate himself from the pack Most protagonists usually benefit from their status in the form of uniue buffs etc However at the star of this story Runner the main character is actually disadvantaged and bravo to the writer for starting at this point Unfortunately that's about it great idea but the dialogue was cringe worthy if

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    Rating 30 stars I did this backwards I read all the other William D Arand books first and now I am reading this With other peoples reviews it seemed like all the other books in some way tied into this one So far this is one of the weaker books this author has written It started off pretty well The main character Runner had a goal in mind He was leveling up he built his group up with sexy uniue women and then pretty much nothing Nothing really happened in the second

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    Mini Review4 Stars for Narration by Jeff Hays3 Stars for StoryPros At 2x speed the story didn't take long Jeff Hays' narration gave the story personality Simple plot and cookie cutter characters Writing was okayCons Vague setting for both virtual real worlds God Mode Uninteresting Harem Setup Conflicting plot line vs actual events within the book Stuff just happens but not in a manner that makes me curious about the event or idea Refer back to God Mode If the VR world

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    SolidThis is a good fun read and I await the second bookDoes have some editing problems but I didn't find many

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    DNF 50%This book is not meant for me Kittens Everyone else appears to like it though so probably it's just meRead in September 2016

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    The book is about Runner a Military ship computer system analyst who at the start of the book wakes up with no real memories and a computer prompting him to enter name and password to access his system He finds he cant remember the password but a prompt shows him that if he enters the game he is logged into he will be able to level up and regain his memories with the caveat that if he dies in game he will be brain dead in real life He then tries to set up a game character but it gl

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    Ok i'm not gonna lie to you half the thing that got me to read this book was the cover I'll tell you what Collin it was a bit slow in the first half but they really picked it up after halftime Went from zone coverage to man to man and they really brought the fight back in the last uarter But was it enough to get us through to the semi finals? We can't be sure I've got shiny book syndromeohh look a book about space

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