Lo ue la Reina uiere Sexys Cuentos de Hadas Al Revés nº

Lo ue la Reina uiere Sexys Cuentos de Hadas Al Revés nº 1 Y vivieron felices para siempre jamás había sido tan ARDIENTE En un reino mágico lejano vivían príncipes encantados mujeres guerreras y magia poderosa Lo ue la Reina uiere es una nueva versión sexy de Cenicienta con cambio de género en la cual los héroes se han convertido en heroínas las heroínas se han convertido en héroes y nada es lo ue parece Eliot es sexy sensible e inteligente y también está cansado de fregar pisos para sus abusivos hermanos Mientras ellos planean tener más poder Eliot sueña con asistir a la reunión de la reina Cassandra –una velada de élite para los más habilidosos sexualmente– y conocer a la mujer de sus sueños uizás él ya la ha conocido La amable y encantadora Amelia trabaja como doncella en la casa de Eliot Pero cuando sus buenas intenciones son recompensadas con violencia ella es forzada a huir encontrando un trabajo en el palacio bajo la mirada de la encantadora y poderosa reina Cassandra Mientras la lujuria y uizás algo más empieza a despertar entre Amelia y la reina ¿Podrá Eliot aun así ganar su corazón En este cuento poliamoroso de seducción liberación y desconocidos apasionados hasta el más humilde de los plebeyos tiene una oportunidad con la reina si ella así lo uiere NOTA –Esta novela contiene FFM sexo grupal juguetes sexuales y BDSM ligero Esta novela INDEPENDIENTE es parte de la serie “Sexys Cuentos de Hadas al Revés” la cual puede ser leída en cualuier orden No hay finales de suspenso y cada uno termina como debe con un “felices para siempre”

About the Author: A.J. Tipton


10 thoughts on “Lo ue la Reina uiere Sexys Cuentos de Hadas Al Revés nº 1

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    Favorite Line “This is what the ueen wills”Holy moly I'm still hot and I finished this book 2 days agoIt's a X rated version of Cinderella that has a male instead of female and oh my I loved itElliot is the brother that his brother pick on and put down but in re

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    This was a whole lot of WTF It was a really weird yet steamy retelling

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    This was uite interesting

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    This is a totally delightful retelling of Cinderella with a gender twist that finds Eliot down on his knees scrubbing floors while his two ugly brothers are whooping it up on the social scene as they climb the invisible ladder to someone's bedsheets Eliot's dream is to attend the annual or

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    3 Platypires for What The ueen Wills by AJ TiptonOh my This was straight up kinky The title does not lie This was hot over the top sexual escapades with some silliness Yeah some of the dialogue had me rolling my eyes Honestly I couldn't get what time period this story took place in but let's just

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    See of my book reviews on my blog Literary FlitsThe main thing to say about this story is that it is very adult I liked the idea of a gender reversed Cinderella but other than the characters literally being their gender opposites this aspect is not explored Instead there's a lot of description of sex and

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    I like erotica fairytales but I love when they are done right When the authors offered me a copy in exchange for an honest review I was excited because not only was it a retelling of an erotic fairytale but it was a gender bent one What the ueen Wills is definitely done right The authors don't bore us with tediou

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    Whelp that first line in the blurb isn't a lie This story was hot HOT even There was guy on girl action girl on girl action girl on guy on girl action Or maybe it was guy on girl on girl OR MAYBE IT WAS BOTHAny way you look at it there was plenty of sexy times to be had Eliot gets some Amelia gets some The ueen gets some

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    I really liked it But I warn you it has a high sexual content so if you dont like that dont read it One good thing about this book is that the roles are differents

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    English ReviewI never laugh so hard with an erotic story I don't know if it was meant to be writed like that or it was a translation issue I read this story in spanish It was at least entertaining and most of the time I was like what the heck Im reading It was a crazy world that this authors built I wasnt expecting nothing like that but

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