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Alana Avery s life is anything but normal She can communicate with the dead, talk to her dead grandfather telepathically, and the Electi are after herThankfully, she has Jax Lately, Alana feels like Jax is the only one she can trustBut when strange things start happening at the Academy, she wonders if she can trust anyonePlease note that Enchanted is novella, but needs to be read in order to understand Entice Guardian Academy,, the next book in the Guaridan Academy series [Reading] ➶ The Soldiers Wife Author Margaret Leroy – Lavons.co.uk talk to her dead grandfather telepathically ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Terms of Surrender (Alpha Squad By Kylie Brant ✎ – Lavons.co.uk and the Electi are after herThankfully [EPUB] ✼ The Surgeons Engagement Wish By Alison Roberts – Lavons.co.uk she has Jax Lately ❮Reading❯ ➽ The Secret Seduction (The Brides of Holly Springs ➶ Author Cathy Gillen Thacker – Lavons.co.uk Alana feels like Jax is the only one she can trustBut when strange things start happening at the Academy ➜ [Epub] ❧ Tycoon for Hire (Harlequin Romance Subscription, No. 447) By Lucy Gordon ➦ – Lavons.co.uk she wonders if she can trust anyonePlease note that Enchanted is novella ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ The McKettrick Way (McKettricks, By Linda Lael Miller ✍ – Lavons.co.uk but needs to be read in order to understand Entice Guardian Academy, ❮Ebook❯ ➠ The Scandalous Kolovskys (House of Kolovsky Author Carol Marinelli – Lavons.co.uk the next book in the Guaridan Academy series Enchanted

About the Author: Jessica Sorensen

Jessica Sorensen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the snowy mountains of Wyoming When she s not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.http www.jessicasorensen.comhttp www.facebook.com pages Jessica

10 thoughts on “Enchanted

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    Finish the dang book I feel like I m in an awkward position I love the series that came before this one and I really liked these ones too I m just disappointed that the story wasn t finished For a book to be as short as this one is, there needs to be an ending, not a read my next series about something relating but totally different This book left me with a need forwhile at the same time

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    Since these books were so short, I was able to finish the three in one day I honestly don t know how I feel about them On one hand, the story had a good enough plot going but I really hate how short they are It s like half stories and I expected there to beI understand cliff hangers but it just seemed like there should ve been a couplechapters Also, editing sucked There were a bunch of gramm

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    The story was good but the book was like 5 pages okaythat might be exaggerated but it was super short and just ended in the middle of a scene Also 2 books have gone by and her cousin best friend is completely out of the picture What is his secret This series is a little frustrating.

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    Cover Title I am a fan of this author so I grabbed the book just because it is by the author.Characters I really reading about enjoy Alana and Jax usually.Plot Alana is experiencing some odd things and the two of them are trying to figure out what is happening to her.Overall I am seriously disappointed I wish I could say I wasn t but the plain and simple truth is that there is a lot missing heresa

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    GoodIt s a good story but I hate that the are broken up into very short books with very little detail It seems rushed and very little thought out I feel like if these three books were made into one longer book and haddetails, backgrounds, andthought out they would be genuinely better They would makemoney It could still be a trilogy but with longer better thought out books It s a little disappointing

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    DisappointedThe book is too short and it seems like the author is not following up on Alana s story any time soon, despite the fact that there are a bazillion unanswered questions left at the end Literally nothing has been resolved andissues have arisen Abandoning the storyline like this feels like she s basically told her readers to stick it where the sun don t shine Copy editing issues and timeline in

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    Decent But Feels Very UnfinishedWhile I know it is part of a series, this book is lacking in even wrapping up its basic plot I appreciate what the author is working towards, and I m very interested in where the story is headed I would just like to see a valuable plot detail clearly reveal and get the reading audience somewhere.

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    Good seriesI really enjoyed this book and love the series Unfortunately it is far too short and isof a mini series I love the characters and development of the storyline Can t wait for the next one.

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    BummerSo I give this book 3 star s because I hate when the book is all over the place I wanted to know about Alana an jax not dash an sway any how I won t be buying anybooks from this series because it hard to read a book and it switches from left to right.

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    Going greatI am thoroughly enjoying this whole series The author keeps the readers interest by slowly moving toward a collective group of young adults gathering to save the clans in their own realms.

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