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Ease Your Anxiety Have you ever struggled with fear and anxiety so much that it prevented you from pursuing your goals or dreams Or perhaps you have spent considerable time fearing the judgment of others so caught up in worrying about what others think of you that you won’t risk engaging in an activity that you’re not good at nor will you speak in public and risk feeling embarrassed or ridiculed or thought stupid In this revolutionary new book speaker author and psychologist Dr Joan Rosenberg leads you step by step through several processes that have helped hundreds of individuals clients entrepreneurs and business professionals diminish or end the anxiety that held them back for years No longer faced with the experience of anxiety many of those individuals are now busy pursuing lives of their own design You don’t have to spend months or years in therapy Learn the strategies described here and see for yourself what a difference they can make

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    Too short I love her new book that is out 90 Seconds to A Life You Love Get that one instead

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    It is a fantastic book with instant application and integration Bypasses many NLP techniues with the Rosenberg System

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