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Sweet Victory Hope Falls #3 35 I'll Always Want One Stars rounded to 4 This is just plain sweet and pure entertainment Sam has had a crush on Luke since she was fifteen and hung posters of him all over her room He's a snowboard sensation and that's her sport When Sam started on the professional scene at age eighteen is when Luke first set eyes on her There was just something about her Oh she was way too young for him but for some reason he had to keep tabs on her and make sure she stayed safe Finally he's got a chance to keep Sam within reaching distance There's an opening for a ski pro at the resort where Sam works it's close to Luke's hometown and he's no longer competing Imagine Sam's surprise when her crush of all crushes walks in for an interview Sparks fly and the fun begins Samantha Holt has spent her entire life focused on her career as an Olympic snowboarder to the point that she's never even had a boyfriend Now the auburn haired beauty has taken an early retirement to focus on her personal life which is about to get a lot interesting when a sexy man from her past comes to town Can she trust him enough to be her firstLuke Reynolds has moved back to the Sierra Nevadas to be closer to his family A big bonus is the chance to finally be close to Samantha Holt the girl he's been interested in for the entire ten years he's known her Their snowboarding careers have put them in close proximity before but Sam seems to have walls up when it comes to him The bright blue eyes and sexy scruffiness that melt other womens' hearts seem to have no effect on her Will Luke be able to show her that it's safe to let her guard down Loved it Soooo romantic 3 and the end I shed a tear or two maaaaaybe threeSam is just so adorable with her doubts and her worries and Luke sigh Luke is just so perfect and I love their chemistry and the way they react around each other The whole babysitting thing too cuteThe story was really good and I love how the Fab 4 stick with each other through thick and thinThe end was sooo sweet poor Sam how she must have felt and Luke trying to find herLauren´s reaction at the end was like wow she´s my least favorite character cause she always seems so cold but I´m guessing I need to read her book to see of how she is If you love reading a fantastic story you have to read this third book in the series Melanie and Shawna have again written and awesome bookthis is the story of Sam and Luke I have to admit I have loved Sam from the beginning I wish there was a place called Hope Falls I would go stay there and hope I could become friends with the Fabulous Four especially their book club nights the others books have made me laugh but this one had my crying laughing if your feeling down this series will pick you up be prepared to read until the end they are books once started you cannot put down Now looking forward to Lauren's story Another great book in this series Thoroughly enjoyed Sam and Luke's story but now have to wait for Lauren and Ben's story Love the series but hate waiting for the next story I loved the sweet story with this one not too often you have a story about a modern day virgin that makes sense and each of these books are hilarious I love the references and jokes Luke and Samantha have know each other fo 10 years having traveled and completed in the same snowboarding field Luke has been in love with Samantha for years Samantha has had a crush on Luke for yearsWhen Luke and Samantha start working together on the snow slopes their love for each other comes out The story was easy to read and sucks you in from the first word Luke and Samantha are easy to love and even easier to love togetherI’m really looking forward to the next book in the series This is book 3 of the Hope Falls seriesA really enjoyable read and I would highly recommend GoodI liked this book best so far out of the series The other things that truly bothered me were the things we never found out Like what did she do to make trainermanager finally leave her alone? Did she ever fully retire? If those were answered in this book I probably would have given it a 5 star It's Sam's turn for a story and this inexperienced girl is going to finally get some action I like Sam a lot and Luke was a great character too It was cute that they were crushing on each other and didn't know It's nice to see them both get what they want Fun and spicy Phenomenal bookI love love this seriesI loved this book from start to finishI love the characters and the story

About the Author: Melanie Shawn

NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author Melanie Shawn is the writing team of sister duo Melanie and Shawna Originally from Northern California they now make their home in So CalGrowing up Melanie constantly had her head in a book and was always working on short stories manuscripts plays and poetry Shawna always loved romance in any form movie song or literary If it was a love stor

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