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Preuel to Magic Shifts Curran POV #10 This scene takes place after Magic Breaks and talks about Kate Curran and Julie moving into their new homePosted on GoodReads

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    Really really sadCurran talks about his life before he moved in the Pack with gruesome details about how his parents were killed and how he survived as a kidOn the lighter note Curran and Kate are

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    Another story from Curran's point of view Well this time it's not actually a scene retold This is when Kate Julie and Curran movie into their new house which provides an opportunity to tell Curran's

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    Julie asked So how did you get caught?What? Why do you want to know?I dunno everybody knows about how you became the Beast Lord but nobody talks about what you were before How come?Cause it’s not a

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    1st read August 20162nd read May 20183rd Read July 20184th Read October 2019I love these little Curran POV snippets This one shows a really sweet bonding moment between Curran and Julie while they're in

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    4 stars Preuel Part 1 to Magic Shifts which is Book #8 in the Kate Daniels seriesThis look into Curran's past via his POV is no longer available on GR but can be read at the blog link I've placed at the b

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    I had totally missed this in my first read And it doesn't even look like there was ever a continuation to this little freebie short Pretty heartbreaking but other than the timeframesetting when the story is

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    Re reading the series with the Ilona Andrews Addicts before 'Magic Binds' comes out in September 2016 This short Curran POV I haven't actually read before It was moving day Kate Julie and me were taking boxes

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    Found here

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    A scene about Kate Curran and Julie moving in to their new house and Curran sharing the story about his past with Julie bringing their family closer together Previous book reviews✦ Magic Breaks Kate Daniels #7

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    This one is both brutal and sweet The sweet being Kate Curran and Julie setting up their new house the brutalCurran telling the story of what happened to his family

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