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Kill Game The greatest weapon against a serial killer A girl with no fearGaia Moore isn’t like anyone else in the world She’s trained in ten different martial arts She has a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue As a teenager she cut class to bust gang members and drug dealers on the streets of New York City And now Gaia’s been recruited to join the world’s leading crime fighting organizationAt FBI training camp in uantico Gaia will become a part of an unparalleled team She’ll learn the strict codes and procedures of the FBI She’ll be pushed to her body and mind’s utmost limitsShe’ll learn how to hunt serial killersAnd she will catch one Eh the FBI part of the Fearless series so far is just kind of ok for me The story itself is actually not nearly as bad as I thought it would be but I sort of feel like Gaia has lost herGaia ness so to speak The FBI series is somewhat only SOMEWHAT realistic but I found myself interested in the people that Gaia is working with than in Gaia herselfI especially like the character of Kim For me Gaia is just sort of there; it's like she's numbed up She's lost a lot of her angst which is fine and I really like how she reflects back on some of her prior actions and recognizes that some of the decisions she made weren't really for the bestbut at this point growing up seems to have taken Gaia's voice to me anyway I first read this book a few years ago and recently re read it so I could finish the series This is the continuing story of Gaia Moore from Fearless Gaia is a genetic oddity she cannot feel fear But after a bomb attempt at her college graduation Gaia decides to join the FBI Because of her past as a vigilante in Central Park the FBI is reluctant to train her but decide to give her a chance At the training camp Gaia meets Catherine Will and Kim Catherine is a genius with a computer or anything technological Will is a southern gentleman who could have been a Olympic athlete And Kim is a psychology genius who earned multiple advanced psychology degrees by the time he was twenty The elements that I really enjoyed are the interesting characters and character interactions Gaia has to learn how to become a member of the team and not just act as an individual Will for the first time in his life is dealing with stiff competition and not being the best Kim is dealing with a case he has never even heard of before Gaia He doesn't know how to characterize her or why she acts the way she does But he knows there is something important about her that he is just missing Catherine in this book serves as a way for the reader to see Gaia through another person's eyes Another interesting thing about Fearless FBI Kill game is that it is written in 3rd person omniscient FBI Field reports and first person The main part of the action is in third person omniscient Usually it will focus on one person at a time but it can switch the focus at any time While it might sound confusing Francine Pascal actually uses this very adeptly Then there are short entries almost like a personal journal for each character Each persons' voice is distinct and allows the reader to delve even further into the minds of these characters Finally the FBI Field reports remind the reader what is really at stake and the big picture All in all this is a very enjoyable book to read It is a fast read very action oriented and has plenty of twists and turns for the characters and readers to follow This book was the perfect blend of the Men In Black movie and the tv show Alias which meant it was a little cheesy It was not very well done and there were alot of feelings thrown in that didn't mesh very well but the mystery hooked me enough that I kept going and read the next book Alas that was HORRIBLE So in lieu of that I do not recommend this series at all Fearless FBI is a follow up series to Fearless which is about a teenage girl “born without the fear gene” teh sciencez living in New York who just kicks everyone’s ass vigilante style because she can Very ’90s very girl power lots of violence and sexual tension I was not allowed to read them and therefore had to borrow them in secret from my best friend In Fearless FBI our protag Gaia has just graduated from Stanford and joined the FBI in the first book’s first scene she saves everyone from a suicide bomber at her college graduation because of course that’s a natural venue for a domestic terrorist These were written around 2005 and there are definite efforts to integrate some sophisticated gender politics but they flounder because Pascal is clearly a lot comfortable in the “RESPECT WOMEN YOU DOUCHE round house kick THAT’S RIGHT GIRLS CAN BE CUTE AND DANGEROUS” zone They’re uite bad and joyfully two of the series vols 1 and 3 are available in ebook form Vols 2 and 4 are not which is a huge disappointment; please get on that Simon Schuster kthanks

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