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Isabel Allende conosce il gusto lieve e giocoso della vita La troviamo alle prese con il mondo della cucina tempio del piacere dei sensi e anticamera del piacere dei piaceri In un invito alla gioia dietro il grembiule un gioco per nutrirsi e inebriarsi senza prendersi troppo sul serio Dalla salsa corallina alle pere ubriache dall'habanera di gamberi all'insalata delle odalische dalla zuppa scacciapensieri alle ciliegie civettuole un patrimonio di ricette piccanti e spiritose condite con le spezie dell'ironia Dopo aver fatto un paio di giri completi nel mondo degli afrodisiaci scopro che l'unica cosa che davvero mi eccita è l'a E allora dedico ueste divagazioni erotiche agli amanti che giocano e perché no anche agli uomini spaventati e alle donne malinconiche Mi pento delle diete dei piatti prelibati rifiutati per vanità come mi rammarico di tutte le occasioni di fare l'a che ho lasciato correre Non posso separare l'erotismo dal cibo e non vedo nessun buon motivo per farlo; al contrario ho intenzione di continuare a godere di entrambi fino a uando le forze e il buon u me lo consentiranno Da ui nasce l'idea di uesto libro un viaggio senza carta geografica attraverso le regioni della memoria sensuale là dove i confini tra l'a e l'appetito a volte sono talmente labili da confondersi completamente Afrodita

About the Author: Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende Llona is a Chilean American novelist Allende who writes in the magic realism tradition is considered one of the first successful women novelists in Latin America She has written novels based in part on her own experiences often focusing on the experiences of women weaving myth and realism together She has lectured and done extensive book tours and has taught literature at s

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    If you're looking for an aphrodisiac manual a Vegas wedding chapel for your inner Britney Spears look somewhere else As some reviewers have pointed out almost every food item on the planet is considered to have erotic connotations to Allende be they visual olfactory or legendary she can make it seem sexyThis

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    I tried to read this because it came recommeded from a friend with impeccable taste Yeah not so mcuh with thisIt tried to hard to be sexy in a Nigella Lawson way and just came off like a desperate middle aged sex starved housewife While this may be the demographic they're going for it just sat all wrong with me

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    i don't think this was the allende book i should have read first when i decided i wanted to explore latin american literature and magical realism in particular i love the concept of foodsensualityfemininespice and enjoy other books on the topichowever the book did not uite translate into what i expectedfor example

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    Isabell Allende is my favorite writer This is the one book of hers I haven't tried reading because I thought it was just a cookbook An aphrodisiac cookbook but stillIt's actually a really good essay on what are aphrodisiacs and how they are viewed in different times and even in different culturesAlso her amazing writ

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    This was a strange book Fascinating at times dull at others and occasionally plain puzzling as in where IS she going with this? The best way to sum it up is a medley of anecdotes myths and personal experiences all regarding food and its role in love romance and decidedly kinkier ventures Aphrodisiacs if you will I did l

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    Hot That is the only word I can think of to describe this novel It defintely has the Allende flavor of magical realism and picturesue description I picked it up thinking it was a food memoir but it is of an exploration of the connection between food sex and love The recipes are her grandmothers'and you can feel the famili

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    Gosh it is slow to read this book it definitely reuires a particulate mood which I don't possess at all times

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    Isabel Allende is a deliciously entertaining no bullshit writer and cook After reading this memoir I want not only to read her other works but to cook a 5 course dinner with her aphrodisiac centered of course

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    I read this book in Spanish Allende says in the intro that she began to dream of food as a healing process after her daughter's death The book is like reading essays on food and its relation to love romance and passion It is beautifully illustrated witty and very sensual At the end of the book I imagine one would be tempted to try

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    Not for me Read this as part of my reading women challenge book about food and a book by Isabel Allende but kind of thought it wouldn’t be my scene then was pleasantly surprised at how easy a read it was for first 50 or so pages After that I found the repetitive listed tongue in cheek jokes about orgies got really tiresome and I had

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