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Margarita está linda la mar History and fiction are poetically entangled to retall modern Nicaraguan history In 1907 Ruben Dario the legendary poet writes the famous verse Margarita esta linda la mar on the fan of a nine year old girl Fifty years later the same girl plays a role in the plot to assassinate the dictator Anantasio Somoza

About the Author: Sergio Ramírez

Sergio Ramírez Mercado born August 5 1942 in Masatepe Nicaragua is a Nicaraguan writer and intellectual who served in the leftist Government Junta of National Reconstruction and as Vice President of the country 1985 1990 under the presidency of Daniel OrtegaBorn in Masatepe in 1942 he published his first book Cuentos in 1963 He received his law degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónom

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    Maybe this reads better in Spanish than English but I didn't really enjoy this book It is a popular book written by a former vice president and is based on Nicaraguan history including events such as Ruben Dario's return to Leon and his death and President Somoza's assassination in 1956 The rest is fiction but it's

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    Margarita the sea is beautiful And the longer you gaze at it you won’t see how silly the humans are on the land Such as Nicaragua We are in the land of the dictator Anastasio Somoza in 1956 Propped up by the Americans the dictator with his wife visits the city of Leon the city where the poet Ruben Darío was buried fif

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    I tried to read this once before and only made it about 50 pages in This time I listened to it on audio book and made it all the way through I think that the spoken narration made it easier in some ways to make it through the book and difficult in othersThe story is uite informative as it blends history and fiction There are

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    The first several dozen pages confused me a bit Initially I couldn't get the story so it took me a bit of research into Nicaragua 's history to understand the background of the story It turned out into a pretty exciting thriller that couldn't stop readingIf you liked this book you will also like La Fiesta del ChivoThe Feast of the G

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    Interesting narration of the last days of Ruben Dario and the assasination of Anastasio Somoza It was intriguing to find out many unkown facts about the author The stories intertwine with fun and uirky characters

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    Learned a lot of history Not the best writing

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    When I neared the end of this novel I started to realize how exuisitely it had been constructed The problem is I read the work in Spanish and Ramirez’ language is too elevated for me to fully grasp as a non native speaker I missed much of the works subtlety and some of its basics and therefore cannot give it a proper review I would only say here th

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    Spectacular multi character time shifting poetic novel that deals with the bizarre history of Nicaragua

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    I gave this book four stars even though it was a difficult read in parts because of the literary manipulation of time The past determines the present and the present is controlled by the past I was reminded a little of Gabriel Garcia Maruez and other Latin and South American writers who hide their stories in surrealism because truth telling was strictly forbidde

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    I read this book in Spanish a few years ago and loved it It was very poetic and sometimes challenging to read I found the book in English and wanted to read it again I was disappointed with the English translation I don't think it gave the novel justice The writing seemed choppy and even confusing I love historical fiction and this novel had just enough history to ke

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