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Fragments of Your Soul This is a difficult book for me to review because I have mixed feelings about it One moment I loved this book and there are elements within it that really intrigued me Yet the first 50% of the book dragged The plot was a little ambiguous for lack of a better word and some elements were not resolved The world transitions and the demons didn’t play a roll by the end and it became about Loke’s revenge I feel like the story started off with one story that then changed in the middle and then became another story at the end altogether I loved the depth of Loke’s character He was an enjoyable character but Arvid was a little irritating at times She is easily offended and her reactions to some situations seemed a little much for me I think this still warrants a three star rating because there were some great characters and relationships The world was interesting and so were the different races and presence of giants I probably won’t read the seuel if it is ever published though I’m sad to say Loke just is enough alone to make me read a seuel Also a very minor point is as this is a translated book some sentences are not translated properly and you have to rejigg the words to make a coherent sentence There aren’t many of these but the ones that are present are noticeable Super Recommended Super Recomendo The writing is well tied fluid and engaging story Unfortunately there is no Portuguese translation my mother tongue so I had difficulties with a few expressions But that didn't take away my excitement to read the second book in the seriesA escrita super bem amarrada estória fluida e envolvente Infelizmente não tem tradução em português minha língua materna então tive dificuldades com algumas expressões Mas isso não tirou minha animação para ler o segundo livro da série Since the sudden death of her father Arvid Bergen is fighting to support herself and her unemployed mother After she unintentionally crosses the border to another world Arvid is driven by a single wish to leave this dark mirror world as soon as possible Looking for assistance with this seemingly impossible task Arvid encounters the god Loke with whom she strikes a bargain However her confidence is suddenly shaken when she learns that Loke is a liar traitor and murderer and one she should neither trust nor help But longing for home Arvid throws caution to the wind First of all the cover It is just amazing The best cover ever but this is not a book to read just for the romanceThe story itself is good even if it takes a little while to get into it properly The character herself takes a little time to be loved she starts as a good for nothing uninteresting and becomes strong and interesting to follow during her travels not just because she discover her powers but because she grows and suffers and that changes her I love when characters do thatLoki is really Loki So you will want to strangle him for 80% of the book kill him painfully for the rest but still you will fall in love with him somehow Can't wait for the seuelI could have taken a few marks for for some odd phrasing used but that was before I realized this was translated from another language into English That said this was a fantastic book full of character development incredible world building and unexpected twists I found a summary of book 2 on another site and I cannot wait for it to be released on so I can read it Trigger warning abusive relationshipsOkay so this was a doozie On one hand I enjoyed the world building and atmosphere and I enjoyed the concept of the book However the characters at least the side characters were not well developed in mu opinion and the main protagonists motivations were muddled and conflicting Loke is not a great character in my opinion Not because he is “evil cruel and chaotic” but because he read like a teenager with anger problems The romance was abusive And there is no excuse for that You can make Loke a complicated and dark character without him being abusive Arvids desperation for an abuser is frankly unsettling and all the “power” and “strong will” disappear from her character There is so much potential for this story and at times it was awesome to read but other times I rolled my eyes so much it hurt I don’t understand how people can continue to write and justify abusive relationships I also must say that the author really created an amazing world with so much detail and care that I don’t understand why she would ruin it with Loke being so evil abusive It was not necessary and Arvid was so useless towards the end the book The artwork is amazing and the book is not great but it still was a good book to delve into for the world building and atmosphere alone I truly hope she will work on the problematic issues during the next book PS there is some LGBT representation in the book and that was super cool too But I don’t know if that is a good representation as I am not part of the community Crazy loveBilly Joel sings a song You May Be Right There's a line in it that very much applies to this book maybe it's a lunatic you're looking for No need to turn off the lights the world they're in is of Shadows but Arvid will do her best to save Loke anyways Arvid falls through a shimmer of air into the Shadow World It is both as ominous and not as ominous as it sounds Demonic beasts chase her but humanity here is cohesive than her home in the Light World After landing naked in this new world she is rescued by another hapless human who dropped in over a decade before her This world has gods small g that have abilities but aren't the immortal deities known in theologymythology here on Earth While they are in charge they aren't omnipotent just like fuedal Lords and Ladies with some fancy magic tricks Well a prophecy about a dark haired female human proceeds Arvid's arrival so the gods decidento shuffle her off to a distant farm to keep her out of trouble Although that plot turns out darker than she first realizes as she sees the horrors that occur there Green Acres it ain't After escaping that little slice of hell she eacapes to the city where her previous rescuer attends classes to have her fate changed At this point Arvid isn't sure what's going on but she's not been too happy with the generosity shown her so far Godly experiments that result in human transplants blind human obedience to these gods the farm that made little patricidal children in corn fields seem like a comedic holiday and then the oaf that sent her the note that had her packed off to the not so fun farm is arguing with her about how she should be happy that the gods are willing to provide for her? Doesn't add up to an amenable Arvid As she argues a new voice pops up and offers her help The only process he asks is a undecided as yet favor in the future While not particularly enjoying the Godfather esue ominous tones of it she lacks a way to decline In return this new god is willing to provide for her housing education and clothing It really is an offer she can't refuse But the classes teach her the new language she needs to read and speak about the powers people can posses here the history of this world and maybe if she can discover it a way back home So off to college she goes While discovering that she is a white mage can work light new faces pop up and present challenges And her benefactor shows his face too But when Odin gets antsy about that prophecy things get really crazy I love books about mythology True to form or rewritten I enjoy the read This presented a slightly different slant on Norse mythology and the deities and beings of that culture The start up was slow but once all the dominoes starting falling it moved uickly Our leading lady was fierce maybe a bit violent but I'm not opposed The leading male was fractured and sometimes spiteful but true to his mythological self The god of lies and chaos isn't going to have an easy story and he suffers in this book While it is a great read and has an HEA it isn't rainbows and sunshine This story takes place in a world of darkness and the story reflects that But it is a very good book and I'm excited to see where this author takes us next And the artwork that goes with this story is stunning Look it up on social media This was not what I was expecting Indeed the end was enjoyable but the whole book was not as good as I was expecting The reason why I did not like it was because the story felt too 1D The story could have been much better were the writing style and some plot elements better I am well aware that this is originally written in German and that it has been translated to english Despite the fact that the english translation is accurate to some extent it felt Soulless and plain No actual beauty or no soul of it's own It made the story so boringThe characters on the other hand are interesting Especially Locke The only thing that kept me going was to know WHO locke is And by who I mean his inner self not the god of chaos that the myth knows all too well The way in which the author made him felt so accurate He was an ass for most of the book until the end that he got better Captivating Arvid was one annoying character at the beginning but she got better later on Aside from those two we had only two characters who were well presented Nod and Thoke The rest blends in the background and you find yourself not caring about them at all The setting is fabulous It's so amazing and sets a very nice mood I had wished that the book set off right when they went to the north as the majority of the book was wasted The plot was uite bad I can not really understand how it was wasted Just that it felt inconsistent the we progress IF THIS BOOK INTERESTS YOU I CAN TELL YOU THAT THE POSITIVE TRAIT IT HAS IS THE MOOD SETTING AND TWO CHARACTERS AS WELL AS THE WAY THEIR RELATIONSHIP EVOLVES Romance based book I am willing to read the second book if I ever find it in english I just hope there will be a different translation that makes it poetic and less stiff Just telling what happens rather than letting you feel it 5 stars❤Let me start by saying LOOK AT THAT COVER Its so beautifulI have always had a thing for Loki❤It took me a very long time to find this book and I was very excited to finally be reading itTo be honest I felt like this book was very slow pacedSince Loki doesnt really show up a lot throughout the first half of the book at times I got really boredThe second half of the book on the other hand had so many Loki moments and I couldnt put it down The ending was beautiful❤Loki deserves some loveI LOVE THIS BOOK See my other reviews at Never Enough BooksSince the death of her father Arvid Bergen has worked hard to support herself and her mother When she accidentally steps through a portal that leads to another world her only thought is returning home While she is told the task is incredibly unlikely if not impossible Arvid is undeterredUpon meeting the god Loke she strikes a bargain with him Too late she learns that Loke is a liar and a traitor and one she should not trust Still Arvid is determined to get home one way or another even if it means pairing up with a murdererI will be honest dear reader I was first drawn to Fragments of Your Soul because of the artwork When I joined Tumblr I saw some of Eleathyra’s artwork for the book and was intrigued And while I eventually was able to obtain a copy of the book it has only been recently that I was able to sit and read itWith that out of the way it breaks my heart to say that I did not enjoy this book I tried so very hard to like it but there were several times I nearly threw my e reader across the room in anger and frustrationFirstly the English translation from the original German isn’t that good There are times when the dialogue feels awkward and the action is at times clunky It is also a rather long book the Kindle edition I read was just over 400 pages Unfortunately this means that at times the story becomes kind of boring There were times I had to force myself to continue just to find out what happened nextNext the characters Arvid is a young woman in her mid twenties and like most her age she works a job she doesn’t particularly enjoy and has a strained relationship with her mother She has anger issues which resulted in a broken hand at the opening of the book and continues throughout the story She also has a bit of a superiority complex her way of thinking sometimes tends to follow the “my way is the only way” especially when she is met with servants or those who are considered lesser than When she inevitably tries to persuade them to rise up or act different she is frustrated when they refuse She seems unable to understand that just because she thinks one way not every one around her doesLoke is another character that uite honestly I did not like He is cruel and manipulative and a times even verbally abusive; not just to Arvid but to other characters around him His past is used as an attempt to explain and even excuse his behavior and the love that Arvid develops for him somehow makes him a better man as if by magic This unfortunately is a trope that has been used too often recently and with little to no successWhile Erbsland does an excellent job of building a world based on Norse mythology an interesting world itself does not a good story make There must be eually interesting characters; characters we develop feelings for and root for Alas while we have the first in Fragments of Your Soul the second is severely lacking I’m afraid I simply cannot recommend this one to my readers Instead I encourage them to head over to Eleathrya’s art page enjoy the pictures there and make up their own stories

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