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The Provocateur What if everything you were brought up to think about society all layers of cultural meaning freedom etc are wrong? What if someone or a small group of wealthy and powerful social engineers specifically powerful institutions of our contemporary global economy were subverting your beliefs ideas and values with behavioral tricks to use them against you? Social control has and always will be a problem for each and every form of government since government is simply a mechanism with which to control a culture or society and in large measure its geared to the needs of the ruling elites of our social institutions yet we seldom uestion where our thoughts ideas beliefs even cultural trends originatein other words whatwhom inspires or succinctly controls our minds The maniacal lunatics in control of our society know exactly how human beings tick and they are masters at manipulation Bruce McDonald Anyway I gave it five stars not so much for the plot characterization or writing style which are very good as well but for the very thought provoking experience as I read this book For years rumors myths legends facts and fictions have circulated the globe about the connection amongst all things Crazed babblings of radical notions about government wealth and those currently in power have been dismissed as nothing than conspiracy theories But what if they were all true As the Vangranel family finds out when a young stranger moves into their home the answer to that uestion couldn't be frightening or provoking The Provocateur invites the reader to traverse through a normal family's home and life as it slowly becomes perverse eccentric and ultimately devastating A thought provoking ride through the mind of the titular character Michael Stephenson has woven a tapestry of bizarre fact and fiction as the novel calls for you to be provoked or defiant You must take this enthralling journey along with the Vangranels and be changed forever

About the Author: Michael Stephenson

Michael Stephenson has been writing for over a decade A lover of horror his fiction stretches over a plethora of genres including romance erotica thrillers actionadventure horror urban legal and political Sticking mainly to fiction he does enjoy reading a great amount of non fiction as well An avid lover of films he also is a screenwriter He believes that a good story engulfs the r

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