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Beyond Temptation Throughout history Joseph has been admired as a man of exceptional integrity—a man impervious to temptation Many believe that they could never live up to such an exampleIn this book gifted speaker Jongimpi Papu proposes that Joseph’s success can be replicated if we understand the principles that guided him Sharing his uniue insights with wisdom and humour Dr Papu reveals that it is not the presence of conseuences but the presence of God that motivates true and lasting behaviourJoseph’s life demonstrates that when we commit our lives to God we must expect challenges and temptations to come our way But God is faithful What the devil may use to try to bring out the worst in us God can use to bring out the best in usThis book will help you discover that by God’s grace you too can move beyond temptation

About the Author: Jongimpi D. Papu

Dr Jongimpi D Papu is a gifted speaker with many years of experience in ministry An energetic and deeply spiritual man he has the uniue ability to communicate not only to church oriented people but also to the secular mind His spontaneous humour and intellectually stimulating approach to holistic Christian living make him a joy to listen toOrdained as a minister of the Seventh day Adventist

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