Ugly Girl Ties the Knot Ugly Girl Series #2 Kindle Ø

Ugly Girl Ties the Knot Ugly Girl Series #2 Ah shoot I am sorry to leave this series behind I loved that these were perfect people in love but rather real people with real problems that don't easily resolve in a bundle of flowers and a ring The main character Millie has a few extra pounds and self esteem issues Her main sueeze Sam is a uadriplegic He's cute but can you see? Real issues right off the bat Yet these two are engagedJealousy is the worst part of this book I hate reading romance stories just because of this irrational emotion But with the lighter attitude of the series mixed with some heavy duty issues I think this is an almost impossible combination to pull off But Ms Alice Wasser does a great job of it And the jealousy issue drops by the sidelineThis is an example of what I wish authors would take on Stop writing about perfect skinny beautiful people They don't represent the reader Give us diversity and let us into lives that might be interesting if challenging Good job Ms Wasser Umany chance of another after the baby is born? Millie Glockenfeld's luck has finally turned around After years of terrible relationships Millie has just gotten engaged to the man of her dreams Sam Webber is adorably geeky and most importantly he's crazy about Millie So what if Sam is disabled and uses a wheelchair full time And so what if Millie's mother doesn't approve and has decided to boycott the wedding Life is all about rolling with the punches Enter Jake Winston Millie's teenage crush When Jake suddenly materializes at the company where Millie works they become fast friends It's almost too incredible to believe when Jake confesses that he harbored the same feelings for her in high school that she had for him But as she spends and time with him Millie starts to realize that her feelings for Jake may not be entirely in the past HEA CoveredThe story is a sweet continuation I found a few places where it was grammatically incorrect and it rubbed me the wrong way because it wasn't even close The worst offense is when she tells her mother that she will never find a man who will match up to Sam Match up??? I think the proper way to phrase it is never measure up Match didn't make any sense So yeah it stuck in my craw It didn't detract from the story but it was definitely a distraction I had to get past Color me tight assed This is the perfect seuel to Confessions of an Ugly Girl We get of Millie's endearing self deprecating humor and wit More importantly Millie grows as a character first through the trials of dealing with her mother's prejudice against her fiancé Sam who has uadriplegia and then as her relationship with Sam is threatened I think Sam develops as a character too and we see he is sometimes flawed which makes him real Overall another delightful read from this author that kept me engrossed to the very end I liked it a bit than the first It's entertaining but very predictable there are some style errors why would she address the audience in a personal diary? and I still don't like the oversimplifications and stereotypes but well it's good to pass some time Good readI don’t like to give spoilers on the books that I read I believe the blurb on the back is enough for you to decide if you will read the book or not If you choose to read enjoy I really enjoyed this story because of the adventures Sam and Millie journeyed through together They found a way to overcome their insecurities enough to remember what really mattered each otherA great story filled with drama and romance definitely worthy of high ratings This is an amazing read such a light hearted book that gave me hope Engagement to weddingThe plot and character development continued to grow in this seuel It was a pleasure to read Should we all be so satisfied🐱 This was a good seuel to the first book even though I really like the realism of these books I still had kind of a hard time connecting with the relationship of Sam and Millie there could have been a little bit detail about their interactions as far as the passion and stuff that they felt for each other But I guess it was of a diary and you're not really going to put that kind of stuff and do a diary

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