Calebs Tempting Mate Saber Chronicles #3 Epub ↠

35 stars but I rounded up Really enjoying this series they're uick reads but still really steamy shifter stories 35 stars A Super Super Amazing SeriesThis series will leave you wanting Each story has an incredible story line The characters are fantastic This series is about four Saber tooth Tiger shifters AlaricSaberGalen and Lia the last of their kind It is up to them to find mates and make sure the Saber tooth's do not go extinct In books 12 Alaric and Saber found their mates A human Aubrey and her best friend Gretchen who is a wolf shifter Each Saber tooth has dreams about their mate when it comes their turn to find theirs It is suppose to be Galen's turn and he is only dreaming of the colors Gold and pink He is depressed as he believes he will have to leave his siblings to find his mate Aubrey's brother is the Maste5r vampire of Belle Terra and the group are going to Caleb's club so he can meet her mate and extended family When they get there Lia freaks out when she smells her mates scent on another woman and shifts right in the club to hunt her mate lol This really upsets Galen as it was his turn not Lia's Oh you will fall in love with Caleb I did This is a sweet and charming plus exciting book to readYou must read this five star plus plus book Short and SweetVery short but the characters are wonderful A family of sibling sabre tooth tiger shifters meet their mates This is Lia's story Lia Carmichael is thrilled two of her three brothers have found their truemates As soon as her third brother finds his she’ll start having the mating dreams that are part of being a saber tooth tiger shifter Fate has other plans when she goes to a club with her new family and scents her mate – on another woman Hell hath no fury like a pissed off saber tooth tigress shifter and she’s one furious cat As vampire master of the city of Belle Terra Caleb Night has seen just about everything When a gorgeous saber tooth tigress female finds him in his private club he knows he’s staring into the golden eyes of his truemate He never expected his truemate to be a shifter but nothing makes him hotter than when she purrs When a master vampire and a saber tooth tigress get together expect lots of neck biting and purring Hell hath no fury like a pissed off saber tooth tigress and Lia Carmichael is one furious cat when she catches the scent of her mate on another woman in this sizzling paranormal romance Master vampire Caleb Night never expected his truemate to be a shifter but nothing makes him hotter than when she purrs and the reader can’t help but get caught up in all the purring and neck biting that happens when these two find each other The chemistry is wow and the sex scenes are hotter but there is a bit of friction as somehow Lia got a jump on Galen and it was his turn Once again the Saber Chronicles brings us a fast paced sizzling romance with captivating characters and while I wish it was longer because I sure do like these cats this is a very delightful uick read and I can’t wait to find out who Galen’s mate is Entertainingly HotCaleb's Tempting Mate Saber Chronicles Book 3By RE ButlerThis ARC was given to me to read and give my honest opinion with a review This is well worth paying the price to read Book 3 of Saber Chronicles The storyline is scorching seductive and loveable This is Caleb and Lia's love story Very good book I just wish it was longer Biting loveCaleb is the city's Master vampire He is meeting his sister's truemate and his family Lia is a saber tooth tiger shifter on her way to meet her sister in law brother As she walks into the nightclub she scents her truemate on another Action fast filled storyline R E Butler has done it again This is a must read⚘⚘⚘ Butler's done it againCaleb gets bowled over by Lia when she scents his feeding partner on him No other female is allowed near her mate Calebs Tempting Mate Saber Chronicles #3

About the Author: R.E. Butler

A midwesterner by birth RE lives on the East Coast now enjoying the seagulls and the ocean When she's not writing you'll find her curled up with her Kindle playing with her kids or jonesing for chocolateAuthor of five series RE loves to explore the supernatural and dream about what might be if people really did get furry once a month

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