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Superhuman Social Skills The people we surround ourselves with may impact our lives than any other factor and yet most people leave their social lives to chance What would happen if you treated social skills as though they were indeed skills and became proactive about your social life Superhuman Social Skills is a transformative book which analyzes and explains how to be likeable how to converse how to tell stories how to make friends and how to combine those friends to create an incredible social circle If you ever feel socially awkward don't know what to say or wish you had or better friends Superhuman Social Skills is for you

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    The group of people you surround yourself with will dictate the course of your life than any other factorI have been following Tynan and his blog for a while now He is the person who got me interested in minimalism and who influenced me to pack just a tiny 22L backpack for an extended trip in South East Asia If yo

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    Short and sweet book that goes through the mechanics of human interaction and how to get out of your interaction with friends and new people It's basically a series of short blogposts in book format going through topics like 'how to tell a story' 'how to make a friend group' and 'how to remember people's names'It's

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    I thought this book was surprisingly grounded and impactful for its rather compact size I half expected a Tim Ferris like tone to the book some amount of survivor bias and slightly half baked ideas but otherwise good in a utilitarian way; but I was wrong The author seemed like he had a lot of depth to him and his adv

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    Actionable adviceThis was a practical engaging read Tynan balances sharing his experience with practical tips for practicing cornerstone skills that impact everyone socially

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    uick and easy read with lots of good advice I'm taking off a star cause it really bugs me that there's no table of contents or page numbers

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    I don't usually read self help books I'm a good Scandihoovian who figures I'm good enough the way I am already and if I can't figure it out myself it's not worth knowing But I've always known I had poor social skills and I would like to know how to improve them Some people sure don't seem to have any problemThis was ava

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    Discusses the ways that you can create better relations with other people and connect easily Can be boiled down to how to meet regularly meet your friends or deepen the friendship Discusses what you can personally bring to the table to help deepen the friendship or strike up new friendship Simple hacks to get over diffe

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    This book has some gems my favourite is the conversation sub channels; Content meta emotion status Personally I tend to operate 98% at the content channel where people mean what they say I often have difficulty understanding what just happened? LOL This concept will help derive meaning if you're like me

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    It was okay My take away? Don't just listen ala Make Friends and Influence People Create responses with hooks that people can pick up and ask you about Try to keep those hooks from being boasts How do we do this? No idea Most of this is not new stuff but it is short and fairly succinct

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    Honest IncitefulEasy read with loads of powerful suggestions to improving your social skills and becoming a better friend I'd recommend this book to any and everyone because we could all build stronger relationships and connections with each other

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