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Texas Millionaire THE OIL BARONHe was the epitome of masculinity and rich as sin But with midlife approaching Texas baron Hank Langley was in sore need of a wife And finding a Mrs Langley from the bevy of social climbing beauties was a challenge even for this ex military manUntil Callie Riley his new much younger secretary breezed into his life and took Hank's hardened heart by storm Suddenly he was learning about love than he'd ever thought possible Could the millionaire convince this fresh faced country girl to say I do to an older manThe Texas Cattleman's ClubFive wealthy Texas bachelors all members of the state's most exclusive club set out on a mission to rescue a princess and find true love

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    I wanted to read this because it is the first in the Texas Cattleman's Club series Hank is a mature man at 39 an the approach of his 40th birthday is making him antsy about settling down He has two woman in mind but can't decide between them Mature women in their thirties who know the scoreWhen Callie turns up as his relieving secretary he is bowled over by this very young yet straight talking y

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    Hmm This was ok 25 than 3 stars I read it because it's the beginning of the Texas Cattleman's Club series and its various spin offs some of which I've already read I liked the characters but the romance was very rushed I read a lot of books with insta love and I don't have a problem with the concept but there wasn't even insta love here it was just so bland and passionless

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    In general it's a good book But unfortunately I didn't feel the chemistry between the H and the h I liked the H but there is something off about the h I didn't like it

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    I liked this story and I liked the characters butt I have to say I didn't really connect with the them Regardless I liked the characters and how the other character's in the series were set up I can't wait to read Sterling and Susan's book

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    The ending was rushed

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    cute light reading a happily ever after book

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    D1232 Aug99 May Dec romance Callie Riley and Hank Langley set up by her Aunt Book 1 in The Texas Cattleman's Club A secret mission to save a princess runs through the series

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    Cute story Interesting start to the series

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    This one is of an okay ish book to me Nothing special though

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