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A New Discovery His Boy Next Door #1 WHOA That Was HotGreat premise and fantastic characters I can't wait to start the next one a free sample with the complete Season One on His Boy Next DoorSeason Oneit's a pure erotica lots of sex but the MCs are very likeable and it's something I'm craving right now after my last not so good book choice don't judge ; I have a feeling I'm going to love this series of books I'm excited to see where these guys go from here x Looks like I’ve found a gem short and sweet stories but well written and very enticing The journey begins as Channon discovers Mr Nash living next door Nothing beats a boy bearing gifts when goodBut BDSM beats a boy baring gifts if bad So far no beating or punishment reuired for Channon but 25 episodes to cum This series has a good start in this book It shows the loving side of SM the needed attention the willingness to submit and obey and the need for each other This part I understand and respect The BD and the SM can easily be taken too far in dominance and control to warp the values of all participants especially if not voulentary Caution is needed with younger players to avoid unfair and illegal mastery on the body and mind I liked itThis is my first book by RJ Moray I liked it It was a good start to a series I thought it was a little fast with Jack taking a little bit of advantage of his eighteen year old neighbor Channon Channon went from being straight with a cheerleader girlfriend to being a submissive gay in just a few days And then he seems to have no gag reflex which is impressive considering how big Jack is It will be interesting to see how their relationship progresses as I continue to read the series I read this book using the Kindle Unlimited program Eighteen year old Channon Beaumont is a virgin in every sense of the word and as vanilla as angel cake But the moment he lays eyes on the dominant older man next door he knows he'll do anything he's ordered just for the chance to be with a man like that And what Jack wants from him is beyond anything he's ever imagined before Channon finds himself sucked deep into a world of dominance and submission pain and pleasure and willing service to the only man he's ever wanted to call Sir This is going to be the start of something good At least I hope so Channon is 18 has a girlfriend and thinks he is straight That is until he sees his new next door neighbor Jack and can't stop thinking about him Jack is older experienced and recognizes right away that Channon is interested in him Jack is than willing to be inexperienced Channon's teacher This is just a snippet of what is to come I can't wait I have already gotten the entire Season One of this series from KU No point in getting each short story one at a time when I know I'm going to want to read them all ✨ Read for the 2019 KU Shitathon™ challenge Mini Edition #4 October December over at Maraya's Cave Of Freaking Wonders ✨ ◼ Plan A Book #2 of 7 ◼ As I write this I have read all the way to Season 3 #27 and I can tell you it gets better and better Stick with it if you decide to read 35 stars

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