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Alien Warriors Captive Earthling Didn't Hate itbut I sure as Hell didn't enjoy it ;A good bookstory to me is a fun fast flowing ride that you never want to endthis ? Was a long slow dry uphill slog and I was relieved when it was over Zyn and Anna were ok but honestly I wasn't crazy about either Anna was just kinda there to me she was ok but just had enough personality and development to say she was there and Zyn well he played the I think I'm noble saving the h from big bad mecold alone aloof BS for Sooo long by the time he started to begin to allow himself to thaw and maybe start to enjoy Anna at least 70% thru the book I not longer cared in the slightest We never totally understood the plot that brought Zyn and Anna together in the 1st place and I honestly like Axi and Brax even if they were barely in the book Though I'm sure that's not whybut in seemingly barely in the story 5 seconds it seems they were both funny and interesting than both the main characters combinedAnd that last bit at the end with Vane was complete and utter BS Totally useless and didn't add to or enhance the story in ANYWAY I'm off to delete rather ticked off the refund period is only 7 days We deserve at least a month ;Ps Not sure why I gave 3 stars and not the 2 it deserved Not sure why but despite how I feel 2 just felt spiteful thou that what it has in my heart Neat idea ruined by odd writing I had to reread several sentences in the first few pages and some still didn't make sense This doesn't read like a final draftThe plot is sporadic and nonsensical The dialogue is cheesy The chemistry is good No world buildingMature content You knowI REALLY HATE that I have to review this book at a 3 There is such promise in the plot and storyline But the writer was very stilted and the scenes were very sketchy I give reviews like this because I am not trying to be a book basher I just see such promise in this story but it falls flat IF and yes IF the author writes another story continuing this group I will read it No matter what I ALWAYS FINISH the bookThe uestion I ask is Can the author write a seuel and it be better written and edited? Im going to follow and see I do look forward to future writings Uniue 25 Stars Alien Warrior's Captive Earthling by Kat Emm needs some work; but it does have fun world building which she can expanded First the title really? Yikes No imagination as it a synopsis than a book title Second the story is uniue I will give the author points for originality Alien Deadly Shoes But what makes the shoes so lethal is never explained Third the books sentence structure and language usage was written as if English may not have been the authors first language as there are glaring omissions that English language people use and other dialects omit Yes English is a wordy complex mess of a language Fourth the book needs edited because of this as words are omitted and grammar is misused When I say edited I don't mean just proof read actually edited for content and structure Whereas proof reading is just for grammar mistakes and far too many authors rely on spell and grammar check and don't actual hirer a ualified proof reader that actually reads their books The book despite the problems is getting two and half stars from me because of the world building and characters that inhabit the world that Emm has created Emm has left lots of room so that she can flesh out her universe At the moment it is a feudal one with a rebel faction rescuing innocents out of slavery Two and a half stars does not make a bad book it is a book with problems that can be fixed The author had built a fun science fiction world so author Emm 'don't throw the baby out with the bath water' hirer good people to support your art and I will read books written by you The secondary characters were fun and I see an Axi and Brax book in the authors future I loved everything in this book Now I'm excited to read the second one It could have been awesome I love these type of stories but the writing good lordIt was confusing contradictory and just plain annoying Sexy AlienI enjoyed the storylineI enjoyed the characters and how they were writtenI like how Zyn was not unemotional when Anna was around even though he tried to beSexy sex I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION A MUST READ IF YOU LIKE ALIENS FUTURE TIME STORIES MODERN VAMPIRES VIPERS Zyn a half breed Viper a type of vampire but he doesn't drink human blood he is all mission orientedis the commander of a ship his second in command is Axi full blooded Viper Zyn iswas after the money a job paid On this trip they are told that a Duchess Mako could be a captive and a BIG reward for getting her back and bring home But they find a Tellurian humanvery rare woman being tortured by two Izardhe killed them an freed her from the devices they were using on her then uickly carried her to his shipAxi went for the Duchess Zyn knew he had to let the Duchess think that the girl was dead You learn about Zynwhat made him like he is why he thinks the way he does even why it might be that he took the change he did in saving the Tellurian and what would take place till the end of the bookThe pull and push relationship between Zyn and Anna from the time he finds her broken until the story stops and I say stops because I hope there will be of them and Axi and Boneeatermost peoples enemy BraxAnna thought was friend while slave to the DuchessBUT THEY ALSO HAD TO DEAL WITH A COMPLETE BETRAYAL FROM SOMEONE ZYN TRUSTED AS SOME ARE SAYING THERE ARE SOME MISTAKES THAT WERE NOT CAUGHT BUT IF YOU ENJOY READING YOU CAN READ REPLACING THE RIGHT WORD WITHOUT TO MUCH OF A PROBLEM Just too slow paced and boring I couldn't finish it DNF at 72% Zyn is an ice cold alpha alien All emotion has been tortured out of him and now he is a weapon with fangs Until he meets herShe has his species most desired food her hot bloodHe didn’t think Tellurians still lived but now he has rescued one He thought he was ice and had no feelings He thought he was only good at one thing being a lethal warrior But the Tellurian named Anna a soft civilian battles him at every turn She is as beautiful as she is vexing and outspoken and she is getting under his icy control Anna wants her freedom but she never imagined an alien with a rocking hot body and icy control would be the one to save her But if he doesn’t listen to her soon she’s going to have to take him down with a kiss just to show him who is really the boss

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