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The Italians Ruthless Seduction What his billions can't buy If Sergio Mancini wants something he only has to snap his fingers to get it Except for Bella Williams No matter how much his stunning stepsister once drove him wild with lust he never allowed himself to have her believing she was a gold digger like her mother  Now when Bella calls unexpectedly seeking refuge at their secluded family home by Lake Como their unfulfilled desire resurfaces No longer able to resist Sergio ruthlessly decides it's finally time to uench the fire  But their one night together only inflames their passion—and now he wants

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    25 starsI don’t often read books by this author but decided why notThe Italian’s Ruthless Seduction by Miranda Lee was not an exciting story for me Sergio Mancini has always wanted his stepsister Bella but had never g

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    Series first of a trilogy about three college friendsSensuality PG 1335 yr old Italian billionaire finally gets his hands on his 30 yr old ex stepsister and has a 2 week affair Nothing really to say about it Lots of sex but st

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    So another newer author This one did fall into the trap of the book taking place over just a few days with really long scenes I don't mind a non virgin HP heroine but if you do then this one is really going to push some buttons The

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    there was nothing ruthless about this seductionif you can call it that the heroine basically fill in love with the guy who gave her her first Oeven though she tried with few guys beforenever found her true love until she found her O as

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    Significantly less uestionable than a lot of Presents but there was a lot of sex Like A lot So much

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    25 stars

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    One of her best for me and certainly the better of the 3 books in this Rich Ruthless and Renowned series

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    I did not like Sergio in the beginning because he had dishonourable intentions and a nefarious purpose in letting Bella stay at his Lake Como villa However things changed and he realised his feelings for Bella went deeper and so did Bella However both were

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    Lee’s latest is packed with skillful characterization and sizzling sexual chemistry Sergio is particularly well depicted in his feelings for Bella and his desire to have her at any cost 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Rich Ruthless and Renowned

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    received 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Rich Ruthless and Renowned

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