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TygerTyger Burning Bryght Orion #1 Orion Series #1 2nd editionHe's an alpha beast trapped on the space ship Orion in mating shift with only her between him and madnessTryon Jag is handsome wealthy and arrogant With good reason he's one of the elite Tyger navigators trusted to bring ships like Orion through the deadly asteroid belts around his home planet and he's the best until he shifts into a feral half man half cat with only one thing on his mind They'll never make it to safety unless they bring him the one woman who ran from himCalla Fellura is a novice interpreter The young Tyger loves her job on this state of the art space cruise ship but she's in uncharted territory when it comes to Jag The virile alpha can have any woman he wants why would he choose the naïve shy female who turned their first hookup into a snarling disaster humiliating him in front of his entire planet Unless she’s the only one of his kind availableThis time she'll have to stay and let him take her any way he wants This novella first published in 2008 has been re written with added material

About the Author: Cathryn Cade

The bigger the alpha the harder he fallsI write sexy contemp contemp paranormal & sci fi romance inviting you along on a heart pounding ride with heroes who can only be tamed by the greatest force in the universe loveI live in a little town on a big lake in North Idaho so look for the Northwest in my stories

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    I should be shot for reading this More so I should be shot for finishing This was a free download Surprise First one of my most rapidly growing pet peeves are writers who spell Tiger as Tyger and worse Bright as Bryght Second the writing was terrible though there were surprisingly few typos and editing misses as are often found in these books Bravo to the editor The characters were one dimensional the writing stilted and the reason above all else as t

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    Growing up completely immersed in sci fifantasy books I get a certain thrill when I get to read adult sci fi Sexy sexy adult sci fi Yum Spaceships Shapeshifters Sex All in one compact package Life doesn't get any better than thisHere I got a shapeshifting tigerman a wide eyed female who ends up giving as good as she gets an eco terrorism subplot that elevated the story from just sci fi erotica to something with a little depth a couple of perverted voyeurs an

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    Short sweet and hot that pretty much sums up Tyger Tyger Burning BryghtTryon needs Calla and she’s than happy to help but what Tryon doesn’t know is that they have a historyAlthough Tyger Tyger Burning Bryght was a bit heavy on the smexiness level there’s a lot to the story than just a Tyger shifter in heat There was a mystery to be solved lives were in danger and even the bad guys had no idea whose side they were onHer Commander is the next book in the ser

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    Okay another cover that's wrong The female Calla is supposed to have blonde curly hair Calla is on a spaceship with Tryon when he goes into his mating cycle Don't ask me why they would have a shifter on board who is about to mate because it makes no sense to me Calla volunteers to help him through it wink wink She starts to care for him he wants to keep her on the side until he finds his mate She's not having it The book is okay not super hot to me but okay There's a sabo

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    I have the original edition of this story and got the new revised Kindle edition that adds an additional 40 pages I really like this revised edition and I'm raising my original 3 star rating to 4 stars It's one of those books with which I can't really find anything wrongAs a reader though I would have wanted to read about what Calla went through and thought after she separated from Tryon Jag before they are reunited It would have helped the book a little and I would have probabl

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    Fun romp through the arboretum I enjoyed the heroine and her original intentions turning to love

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    TygerA force mating in space in this tale of Ryder shifter mating heat bringing his together with a novice Tyger female Cute story

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    This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date July 15 2009 Available NowPublisher Samhain PublishingImprint NAAuthor’s Website Source for This Book comPart of a Series Yes Orion Book 1Series Best Read In Order NASteam Level ScorchingTryon Jag is an alpha male Tyger — a man whose powerful instincts allow him to be one of the few people who can successfully guide ships through the deadly Cattarus system When a shift in planetary alignment forces hi

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    I really enjoyed the storyline between Tyron and Calla Their drastic need for each other scorched the pages scene after scene To be fair I'm not a fan of sci fi space voyage stories I could've done without all the other sci fi type characters in this book and especially the story of eco terrorists However someone who does like the sci fi aspect would enjoy this book than I did It was very well written and even though it was very steamy it wasn't all sex

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    Inexperienced h much older manho alpha entitled jerk H cliche conflictH asks h to be his mistress she is hurt and walks awayH gets it near the end and chases her for a HEA all things I hateVery good world building amazingly sensual sex scenes those were the things I lovedSo I'd say an overall 3 stars read

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