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Pulse PULSE is a standalone full romance novel with no cliffhanger and a HEA Leah Allen The last thing I needed was another bad boy Hard muscles Handsome Hot tattoos He had a dangerous I don't give a f attitude that made him irresistible It was supposed to be a one night stand but when Dad introduced Chris as my new stepbrother I knew I was in trouble His world of gangs and violence would destroy me I needed to stay away Why do I find that impossible Chris Belzer Drugs fights death A typical Wednesday Meeting Leah changed everything—music coursed through my veins when we fed I knew she would be the key to escaping the uicksand I'd been mired in for ten years I shouldn't want her I couldn't resist her Breaking out of the crime and blood and into a new life would be impossible without her ATTENTION PULSE contains mature subject matter including sex drugs and violence Please be over the age of 18

About the Author: D.G. Whiskey

DG Whiskey is a world traveller who uses experiences earned and relationships forged on the road to create vivid portraits of humanity Number of countries visited is over 18 and climbing rapidly with innumerable friends made along the wayThe heroes are always hot alphas and the heroines are clever and independent The writing is confident sexy and layered

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    I found this to be a very enjoyable book I was hesitant at first to read it because the blurb says Drugs and world of gangs I'm not a fan of drugs in books and gangs sort of turn me off But the overall premise sounded interesting and I'm a sucker for stepbrother books so I proceeded ahead And I'm really glad I did Once I got into this I couldn't put it down I loved the way Chris went after Leah once he saw her

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    I had never heard of this author before reading Pulseand OMG what a happy introduction that was for me This book is everything I lovea couple meeting after a traumatic event occurs rebound sex is the best finding out your bad boy really sort of IS a bad boy but with heart and fighting for your dreams and actually achieving themThe chemistry between Chris and Leah was HOTTT and even though the market is absolutely full

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    25 BORED out of my mind stars First I have to say that I don't think that this should be a step sibling book Chris and Leah are adults and living life as adults Their parents happen to marry each other The author tried to make it taboo it didn't work The story itself was not bad and I liked both of the characters I was just so blah reading it I ended up not caring about Chris Leah or the ending

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    35 stars ratingReview to be written soon

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    I received this book for an honest reviewA glance was all it took between Leah and Chris for to know there were attracted to each other Then what was meant to be a one night stand turned into for both and not just the best best of their lives Leah an aspiring actress and Chris dreaming of making music in and out of the bedroom with Leah who he can't get over They meet again when it is revealed they're to becoming step siblings All the time

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    3 StarsJust ok for me I was graciously gifted a copy of this book and the premise of it drew my attention immediately As much as I wanted to love this book I found that it was just ok for me I applaud this author's effort and look forward to her growth in the future Sometimes a new author starts out with a bang and some new authors start out slower and that's OK because I love to follow and see how much the author grows from her starting point I wou

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    I loved this book Chris and Leah heat up the pages this was a bonus book after Shaken I've never read anything by DG Whiskey before but she's a great story teller both these books were very good

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    First I was given this book as a ARC for a HONEST reviewLOVED IT UHGand that UGH not in a bad way I just want to give this book the justice think it deserves in my opinionOh how i didnt want to put this book downThis is not like all the other stepbrother romances out thereThe characters are well developedand the sex scenes are hotThe sexual tension is so tight between these two you could cut it with a knifeI liked that Pulsestart with a bang andLeah and Chris first

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    I enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting Leah and Chris meet just in passing on the first night and he knows he just had to know her and she vows to keep away from him if they ever pass each other again They meet again the next night in a club after Leah discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her Her friend had convinced Leah to go and have some rebound sex and they flirt and awesome sexual chemistry and end up having sex They find out the next day that they are goin

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    A gifted copy was provided by the author for my honest reviewThis story literally starts off with a bang What a way to start off a story and that is how I like my stories Leah Allen meets Chris Belzer after a night where a traumatic event occurs for both They end up at the same bar and after a few drinks end up having an incredible night in bed with himafter she lost a bet to him Chris runs with a rough crew of guys but really wants to be an EDM DJ; while Leah wants to be an actr

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