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Angels Fall 3 Stars Not bad but after listening to The Witness and being blown away by the narrator plot and characters this one didn't uite measure up It took me a while to get used to the voice that was narrating this story and I wonder if I had read the book would I have enjoyed it I'm not sure The plot was intriguing but at mid point I guessed who the killer was Nora Roberts tried so hard to direct your attention to another character and make it obvious it was him that it was obvious it was notdoes that make any sense I also had issue with how mean and blunt everyone was towards Reece the woman who believed she witnessed a murder and was the survivor of a VERY traumatic event I know they were doing the tough love thing with her but it came off nasty and not at all loving Brody her love interest got better over time but initially I didn't care for him at all And Joanie her know it all bossblech I couldn't stand her Again was it the voice All I could picture was this wrinkled old woman with cigarette in her hand rasping out commands and insults at Reece This contradicted her character description as a business savvy BEAUTIFUL woman Not the way I saw it or rather heard it Not my favorite read but not horrible either I like Nora Roberts style love the audiobook format and look forward to reading and listening to of her books Not bad but also not good eitherI mean there are good parts but they’re offset by little things I find annoying and there were a lot of these little things which accumulated at the end So it was a bumpy read The Montana setting and vivid descriptions of a small town sitting at the foot of the Grand Tetons were a nice touch though and the main character was sympathetic Easily my favorite part of the whole book was the setting Everything else was mostly fillerA couple of weeks ago my neighbor got a new job out of state and I “inherited” her library Normally this would be exciting–I love sorting through books–but this time not so much She and I don’t have much in common book wise and her collection consists of fiction lots of mysteries and thrillers and uite a few romances All contemporaries and not a single sci fi or fantasy in the bunch All huge door stoppers too Majority of these will go to charity because I have my own pile of similar fiction that I still haven’t been able to chip at no matter how much I avoid it tryAnyhow I now have a huge stash of Nora Roberts books and it’s been a real–chore–experience sorting through themI went into this book expecting–well hoping–it’s like The Witness which was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed it than I thought I would This book has a similar set up small town picturesue backdrop lots of wilderness nosy busy body townsfolk protagonist with a traumatic past who is on her own and a murder mystery plot in the background What’s different from The Witness is the uneven pacing and utterly unlikable love interest who is actually uite an ass This turned out to be the sticking point with me because I could not get over how much of an ass he was Moreover I could not see what she saw in him and so I couldn’t get into the story whenever he appeared being all ass likeMore on this book in particular when I get home I’m home now but still don’t have much to say about this book Maybe with a little time it’ll come to me For now though all I can say is this book makes me angry and not in a good way because the set up is good and there is so much potential for the rest of the book to be good But unfortunately Nora Roberts had to go and be all Nora Roberts all over the damn book I wouldn’t say she ruined it because I’ve read worse but she got very close So much potential all wastedangry mutteringIt could have been SO GOODOriginally posted at #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts explores the wilds of the Grand Tetons and the mysteries of love murder and madness in her engrossing and passionate new novelReece Gil has come a long way to see the stunning view below her As the sole survivor of a brutal crime back East she has been on the run desperately fighting the nightmares and panic attacks that haunt her Reece settles in Angel's Fist Wyoming temporarily at least and takes a job at a local diner And now she's hiked this mountain all by herself It was glorious she thought as she peered through her binoculars at the Snake River churning belowThen Reece saw the man and woman on the opposite bank Arguing Fighting And suddenly the man was on top of the woman his hands around her throat Enjoying a moment of solitude a bit farther down the trail is a gruff loner named Brody But by the time Reece reaches him and brings him to the scene the pair has vanished When authorities comb the area where she saw the attack they find nothing No signs of struggle No freshly turned earth Not even a tire trackAnd no one in Angel's Fist seems to believe her After all she's a newcomer in town with a reputation for being jumpy and jittery maybe even a little fragile Maybe it's time to run again to move on Reece Gil knows there's a killer in Angel's Fist even if Brody despite his seeming impatience and desire to keep her at arm's length is the only one willing to believe her When a series of menacing events makes it clear that someone wants her out of the way Reece must put her trust in Brody and herself to find out if there is a killer in Angel's Fist before it's too late 425 stars This was a really good story I enjoyed the heroine Reece and the hero Brody I got the audiobook version and I thought the narrator did a decent job telling the storyReece is a trained chef who survived a horrible attack and had many mental issues she dealt with afterward which after such an event is understandable Brody is a writer that has lived in the town after he uit a newspaper job and has become a novelist He is blunt a loner and observant He doesn't coddle but does care when he lets someone in but isn't a super romantic type of guy but it fits the heroine In this story Reece is going across country on a journey to try to keep healing and find herself again She stops in a town called Angels Fist and her car breaks down Her money is running low and decides on whim to take a cook position at a local diner and meets many of the townspeople including the hero Brody On a hike she witnesses a murder and runs and bumps into hero Brody who she tells what she sees and they report it After this happens the townspeople find out her history and doubts of her sanity are planted in the minds of some while her she is having things happen to her that make her think so too Brody and her boss Jodie help keep her steady thru all the rumors and things that begin happening to her Her and Brody start trying to solve the case while they get closer and they develop a serious relationship I enjoyed watching their relationship develop and the mystery unfold I loved Brody personally because I loved his matter a fact ways but loved that he cared I loved Reece and loved her trying to overcome and succeeding I didn't like the secondary characters Lo and Linda Gail relationship development I really felt Linda Gail was super immature Her comment about him being a whore was stupid especially when you want to marry him I mean really And her ways to get him just annoyed me This part is what brought it down for me I just couldn’t get into this book Buddy read with Blacky 33345 starsAnother great romantic suspense by Nora Roberts I loved everything the characters the build up and the general plotThe charactersReece is the only survivor of a traumatic event she's roaming the country doing small jobs trying to find her way back to a normal life Before that she was a successful chef Because of what happened to her she's fragile but mostly she's strong and I loved her temper tantrum Brody is a reclusive writer He's snarky borderline rude commitment shy but mostly he just speaks his mind and I l o v e d himI loved their conversations and how Brody always believed Reece and how despite his cantankerous nature he always stood up for her I also loved how he reacted when Reece was having her panic attacks The secondary characters were interesting too The build upBe it for the romance or the suspense the built up has the perfect pace Not too fast not too slow The plotI have to admit that the killer was so obvious that I dismissed him from the beginning Because of that I kept guessing the whole book about his identity I've put you to a lot of trouble today she beganDamn right you have Get inShe stopped and gratitude warred with insult outrage and exhaustion Gratitude lost You're a rude insensitive insulting son of a bitchHe leaned back on his car And your point isAnd just FYI Guys can't be snippy We're physiologically incapable of snippiness Next time use callous That worksYou're an irritating confusing man But she climbed in the carThat works tooLOL Not my favorite of the great Nora Of course its still Nora so I think its the characters that bothered me I liked Reese Not loved because I kept thinking she should just leave Angel's Fist But hey no story then Her good points were many topped off with a love of cooking Not my favorite thing to do so anyone who wants to cook for me is my friend 🍔😋 As for Brody Didn't like him in the beginning and barely liked him in the end Did I mention she liked to cook Why did it take him so long to fall in love His way of handling her panic attacks was to tell her to stop Reese you can do better He tells her they can move to another town then in the end he plans to buy the cabin and stay in Angels Fist Small town she is going to have some people against her because of who the murderer is Move on Reese Sometimes when I can't decide what to read next I just pick up one of Nora Roberts' romantic suspense novels and I am never disappointed Nora sure knows how to leave her readers satisfied Angels Fall is one of those exceptionally well written engaging NR style thriller with just the right pace fast enough to keep one interested but taking its time to build up the plot and characters Based in a picturesue little town at the foot of the Grand Tetons the story revolves around Reece Gil a survivor from Boston Desperately trying to cope up with the after shocks of a traumatic event Reece has been on the road for a while One day she stumbles in a small Wyoming town Charmed by the majestic mountains surrounding it and the fresh crisp air she decides to stay for sometime She takes up the job of a cook at a local diner and works towards getting on with her lifeOne day while hiking on a mountain trail she witnesses a man strangling a woman down by the river Reece reports the crime but when the authorities investigate they find nothing No signs of struggle no trace that anyone was even there As she is a newcomer emotionally fragile with a reputation of being skittish nobody in town believes her except for a reclusive loner and writer BrodyIts an engrossing mystery romance The character development is remarkable Reece even though vulnerable and and a bit paranoid manages to hold her ground and works on getting stronger confident and is also making friends in town The way she coped by keeping a clear head for the most part with all the mind games that the killer was playing on her was impressive Brody even though some what pushy was exactly what Reece needed Beneath his hard exterior and grumpiness he is a kind and caring person The chemistry between Reece and Brody was amazing and very believable which is usually not the case in most romance stories With entertaining secondary characters witty dialogues small town drama and a murder involved Angels Fall is a captivating read The lush descriptions of the mountains the lake and the natural scenery in general was like a virtual brief vacation in the Grand Tetons Overall a solid romantic suspense novel and a satisfying read Nothing less than what I expect out of a Nora Roberts book Tulips were her favorite flower I love them tooI enjoyed this one The narrator was good but not great It took me a little while to warm up to her Enjoyable characters Reese and Brody were a great match And the secondary characters were fun tooI did figure out the bad guy somewhere in the middle but it didn't take away from the story at all

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