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The Angel and the Prince Lady KnightThe daughter of a French nobleman Ryen De Bouries wields a sword and rides a destrier as magnificently as the knights of King Charles VI In place of glittering ballgowns she wears shining armor; instead of practicing gentle arts she battles the Englishmen she despises Those who whisper her name in fear and awe call her the Angel of DeathCaptive PrinceBryce Princeton is the dreaded Prince of Darkness a British lord driven by a desire for conuest and revenge He leads his vanuishing army into Franceonly to be captured by a fierce hearted slip of a woman Ryen is a maid trained in arms but an innocent in a contest of passion So in the shadows of his prison cell the sensual nobleman refuses to yield Instead he woos her with a passion no woman dare trust—nor resist

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    The Cover is Beautiful and I want it painted on my bedroom wall 1996 Zebra books cover When I saw the cover i was in love I was looking for a medieval book with a tough heroine and and alpha male and boy did I find itGREAT book The HeroineRyen is a Knightwarrior woman but not so much that you can't see she is still a woman She i basically a tomboy hates dresses rather be out side with the boys type of girl So when sh

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    Ryen beautiful intelligent young woman well respected warrior and knighted in France she is the leader of her warriors against England Due to her great feats on the battle field she is known as The Angel of Death and one of England's most hated enemiesBryce Strong Alph male; smokin' hot warrior well respected in all of England and is known as the Prince of Darkness; he is one of France's most hated enemiesBeing a lover of

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    This is a book I read a long time ago but for some reason it has stuck with me I stole this one from my mom lol It was one of my first Historicals and one of the first books that I read several times I think I was a sopho in high school 1996 and I can't believe I got rid of it If you want a good medieval story based in war with a strong heroine and a very alpha male it's a good read

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    I truly enjoyed this although honestly I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it uite as much if I'd read it instead of listening to the audio It was very long and I sit in front of a computer all day reading tiny lines of code my poor eyes and head are losing their tolerance for long tomes such as this Plus I think the narrator did an excellent job Some may nitpick about her not doing a French accent but I'd rather forgo the accent t

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    While reading this book i've gotten so annoyed to the point where i almost stop reading the book but at other times all i could do was sigh in happiness the rating for this book was between a 2 and a 4 so i settled on a 3 There was just so much going on and so many internal battles and misunderstandings that i just wanted to scream and cry and shout at whoever to just let them be together again TOO MUUCH DRAMA first there couldn't b

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    Never had I read a heroine so bold and daring that I immediately felt the inclination to fling daggers at any random bystander to appease the inner hoyden of every lass DI understand the author's approach to balancing out her persona; the strong spirited warrioress and to counter with an overly weepy lil' girl begging to be saved in some grandiose mannerNotwithstanding the book was exceptionally great I've no ualms with its deliverance a

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    I love medieval romance and this is the second time I've read the book something I rarely do There is lots of action and excitement that carries the reader from page to page The author did a good job of portraying the hero Bryce PrincetonMy only criticm would be that the numerous twists turns and complications are almost too much and I found myself wondering when the two protagonists would finally admit their love

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    If you like your books without an ounce of grounding in reality to be totally implausible with no build up to a romance and filled with filler then this book might be for you To be honest it felt like this book was written by someone in junior high school It wasn't terrible but barely readable A total skim fest for me

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    one of my favorite Historical everstrong heroinebesotted blindly possessive hero who will gonna shout YOU'RE DAMN FUCKING MINE to the heroinei love the plot of the storythis story leads me to purchase the authors other works

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    I yield This stretches credulity too much for my tastes

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