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In a Ribbon of Rhythm Every generation produces its own share of heroes and sheroes to uote Maya Angelou who at times unknowingly elevate us; inspire us; provoke us; challenge us; sensitise as well as influence usEvery generation also showers us with witnesses to the adage 'people's person motho oa batho ka batho who rise to the occasion by transcending space time; by transcending gender and race; eually by transcending status and placeLebo Mashile is one of these people and these are her wordsThe ancient ones plait their stories into futures for their childrenThe ancient ones they use their hands to heal the backs of broken menAnd I hold a pen for every ancientWho dared not hold a fistAgainst the tyrannyThat sucked the life and hope out of their breasts An extract from ‘Ancient Hands’

About the Author: Lebogang Mashile

The poet performer actress presenter and producer Lebogang Mashile the daughter of exiled South Africans was born in the US in 1979At the age of sixteen years she and her parents returned to their home country It was while she was studying law and international relations at Wits University in Johannesburg that the desire to work as an artist took hold of herIn her work as a life skills f

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    Her poetry is alive jumps off the page even when describing the simplest of things One of my favorite uotes is 'when the clouds clear we shall know the colour of the sky' by Keorapetse Kgositsile Lebo uotes her in her poem 'Wild Women Warriors' I wasn't too comfort with the poem 'I smoked a spliff' where she has a conversation with Jesus while they share a joint Didn't sit well with

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    A great collection of poems by one of South Africa's most celebrated and loved poets Lebo MashileI smoked a spliff with Jesus Christ last nightThen leaned over and stuck my eyes inside his soulThe father let me take a journey through his painAnd beside the tears of Judas I saw my ownExtract from I smoked a spliffA good book to own

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    there is such

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    Really makes you want to hear her out loud Vibrant and compelling

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