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Pride and Prejudice This Pride and Prejudice Variation begins between Darcy and Elizabeth's engagement and wedding Suppose everything happened exactly as in the original until after the engagement Then MrDarcy has an accidentor is it He is taken away from Elizabeth and she must use whatever means she can to reach him before it's too late

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    What if while on his way to Longbourn to visit with his betrothed Darcy’s horse threw him and he was gravely injured in a horrific accident?What if Lady Catherine saw Darcy’s extensive injuries and weakened state as an excuse to take control and separate him from Elizabeth?What if Elizabeth took desperate measures to see her fiancée and ensure herself

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    This is an interesting premise albeit a depressing one that mere days before his wedding to Elizabeth Bennet Darcy is severely injured in a riding accident their wedding is postponed and Lizzy worries it will never go forwardThe plot is much convoluted than that meager description and the story; the story or writing style has an undefinable uality that I can't tru

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    Actually 3 12 StarsIn this alternative story it starts out right before the double wedding Darcy has a fall from a horse and is gravely injured and this sets off a change of events Of course there is a delay in Darcy and Elizabeth's wedding but what really changes the course of events is that Lady Catherine sweeps in and takes Darcy to Rosings How are Darcy and Elizabeth to

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    Pride and Prejudice Disdain and DeceptionI did not see the ending coming Wow I had the wrong member at fault for the problems facing Darcy After a fall from his horse Darcy is hurt while at Netherfield Lizzy is there with Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam to help care for him Enter Lady Catherine She removes him from Netherfield and takes him to Rosings Everybody from Netherfield de

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    This short novel was a fun re imagining of PP Darcy is thrown from his horse days before the wedding of the Bennet sisters and is unconscious with several serious injuries Before he is able to regain consciousness Lady Catherine whisks her nephew away and bans all visitors to Rosings Park What is a bride to be to do? Her dear friend Charlotte happens to live next to Rosings Park Might she ga

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    Take this review with a grain of salt as I did not get very far into the novel before giving up However the prose felt offawkward and even the introductory plot was confusing I did not get very far before ceasing my efforts I suggest reviewing a sample before purchasing to insure the story is for you

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    Love always bring difficulty Van GoghThe book kept my attention and interest but the ending somewhat of a surprise was too abruptly done I wanted to read about the HE A for Darcy and Elizabeth

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    Our very happy couple is just about to get married when tragedy separates them A well planned deception by Elizabeth brings them together A mystery is solved and the book ends almost immediately

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    35 stars At 171 pages according to this was a very short read I finished it within several hours It captured and held my interest throughout although the language did not read smoothly to my earsAs others have mentioned this tale is set shortly before the planned wedding for both Bennet sisters Then with the ceremony only 2 days away a traumatic event halts everything Darcy has a very serious accident and is unconscious Now t

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    A bit far fetched but a fun readDarcy falls off his horse before his wedding to Elizabeth and is whisked away to Rosings when unconscious by LDY catherine in an attempt to end his engagement Elizabeth cannot get through to Georgiana in letters and is worried about Darcy Even the Collins are not privy to the activity at Rosings besides Colonel Fitzwilliams arrival and that of a nurse Elizabeth goes to Hunsford to get close to Darcy but

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