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The Guardians Forbidden Mistress 25 Unimpressed StarsThis one did not do it for me I couldn't relate to the Hh I found the story superficial with no real depth to it The H was the guardian to the h He lusted after her since she was 16 mind you he's many many years older than she is He restrained himself until right before her 25th birthday and then decided to have a dirty affair with her There wasn't ever a real feeling that these two really loved each other The H is a whore and the h is an idiot They were just as shallow as their story and perfect for each other This isn't one I would revisit in the future The Guardian’s Forbidden Mistress is the 18th stand alone romance novel by Australian author Miranda Lee Sarah Steinway has been in love with Nick Coleman since she was eight and her father employed him as a chauffeur Nick has been attracted to Sarah since she appeared in a tiny bikini on her sixteenth birthday but of course he can’t act on the attraction because as her guardian he promised her father on his deathbed he would protect her And while he is now Sydney’s most handsome and eligible billionaire she needs protecting from Nick most of all Nick’s parade of beautiful women has always irritated Sarah and he puts all her male admirers through the third degree but this Christmas she plans to catch his eye herself Nick is not all that likeable Sarah is OK but the best character is gay Derek There are a few hot sex scenes but this is not Miranda Lee’s best effort OK this is the 3rd boring ho hum HP I've read this week and it did not hold my interest where is the tension and the angst Sorry but I'm going back to Betty Neels again She knew how to write There's a weird little thing that niggles at me about Harleuin MillsBoons which is the use of the word 'female' where 'woman' would have been better IMO Did 'woman' get over used and have to be retired or something I have no idea whether it's an editorial decision or whether authors have just all decided to do it for themselves because it's pretty consistent across the HMB books I've read this strange almost clinical 'female' where the word 'woman' would have done To the point where it even crops up in dialogue though I'm sure noone on earth ever says because you're a female or us females etcAnyway I think it's strange and it bothers me and sometimes it even takes me out of the story completelyBut back to this book if you don't find wardguardian sexual dynamics creepy and you're prepared not to be disgusted at the lengths of effort and even deception our heroine will go to in order to capture her guardian's attention and you don't want too much angsting about before the sexy bits or even afterwards to be frank this book should deliverMy ex library Australian edition also had a short story by Cathy Williams at the back which I liked better than the novel itself although it still had some uestionable elements hard as nails secretary goes on a work trip to a tropical island with her movie star sexy boss who puts the moves on her I called him a Bastard at one stage in the story Still not sure about him I think my favourite person in the book was her gay gym trainer I've read this one before under another title and I did think it was pretty good Especially the dramatic ending I was glad the heroine never gave up It was an okay read I started reading around Christmas but after half of the story I lost my interest and started to read something else and after 1 month I read it again till the end this time I'm not blaming the story it was all on my mood I enjoyed it it was kinda meh and the ending was kinda rushed in my opinion Plot a bit of a slow burner the start was good very promising n promised some gr8 angst but sara spoilt dat when she confessed derek was not her bf n was actually gay now come 2 nickwhat kind of ass was dat he actually thought fucking sara mindless wud help her learn abt men abt the real worldwud be 4 her own good it was pathetic it was just an excuse 2 satisfy his rampant lust He couldn't resist her innocenceNick Coleman was one of Sydney's most eligible billionaires Love 'em and leave 'em—that was Nick's mantra But he couldn't do that to Sarah; he had promised he would act as her guardian and protect her Yet he wanted her badly Sarah was soon to claim her inheritanceShe'd be a sitting duck to predators looking for a rich innocent girl Perhaps it was Nick's responsibility to personally teach her how wicked and seductive a man could be

About the Author: Miranda Lee

Miranda Lee was born at Port Macuarie a popular seaside town on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales Australia and is the youngest of four children Her father was a country school teacher and brilliant sportsman Her mother was a talented dressmaker When Miranda was ten her father was transferred to Gosford another coastal town in the countryside much closer to Sydney After leaving her

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