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The Radius of Us I received a copy of this book for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review35 out of 5 starsThis is a really cute contemporary read due to be released January 2017 The characters in this are really well developed and there is a lot of raw emotion scattered throughout They deal with issues such as gangs which I personally haven't read too much about in YA novels so I thought that was incredibly refreshing With some realistic life struggles witty banter and heart this is basically a contemporary lovers dream The only reason I didn't bump this up to a 4 is because I was a little under whelmed in a few parts Nonetheless this is getting awesome reviews over on Goodreads so I recommend checking these out and adding it to your TBR 304 pages of pure bliss There are so many things to love from this book It tells the story of two different people with scary pasts Gretchen a girl who os attacked and has panic attacks since then; and Phoenix a guy running away from gang life in San Salvador protecting his brother all the whileThe story is sound and well written alternating chapters between the two main characters Gretchen and Phoenix are really fleshed out and I loved their storyAlso I did dig the way in which not easy things are easily explained on this book panic attacks racism love moving from a hurtful part on our past trust issues and so much The author is not passing judgement she is giving voice to what being alive is andor can be This is one of the main reasons why I loved this book so much is full of fire and truth and is magistrally narrated You can also follow it on touching starsAn ARC has been kindly provided by St Martin's Press via NetGalleycom in exchange for an honest review This story is like an onion it has many layers You can choose to see it as just a very cute romance between two touching main characters coming from different worlds the poor migrant and the cute middle class white girl Gretchen and Phoenix were perfectly assorted Phoenix helped Gretchen to live fully and fearlessly again He was solid reliable Gretchen made Phoenix feel welcome and worthy she fought for himYou can also focus on the journey Gretchen had to follow to feel whole and safe again How she was riddled with panic attacks after THE EVENT could not go to school any could not drive or go outside without angst It took a foreign boy’s understanding to make her live again His presence was reassuring Gretchen decided to help him build a garden find some pupusas play tourist in Atlanta She forgot her fears to support Phoenix and he was her safe heavenOr you can choose to think about Phoenix’s fight to protect his little brother AriI had never heard of Marie Maruardt before reading this book How would she write? Would I like the story? Would I regret asking St Martin’s Press for this book? Now I can honestly say that I loved this book as it broached a very sensitive and contemporary topic with great care and respect Choosing to portray a young migrant fighting to protect his young brother the author morphed impersonal statistics into individual heartbreaking casesThis is the story of Phoenix 18 years old migrant from El Salvador He fled his country with his little brother Ari to escape from the dangerous gangs ruling their little town Orphaned their travelled for months on foot or hanging from a train to reach the US border where they’ve been arrested and sent to detention camp They witnessed so much violence on their trip that Ari isn’t speaking any Now Phoenix is living with two old ladies waiting to know without much hope if he could stay in the US Phoenix did some bad things in El Salvador under the gang’s pressure They threatened his family and he did not really have a choice Now he lives in guilt for what he’s done and does not think he deserves the kindness people can show especially Gretchen’sThis book may be YA romance with young main characters but reading it was thought provokingWe take so many things for granted that we don’t even see we’re very lucky spoiled even We pay a fortune to have cut fruits at the grocery store while whole fruits cost just a penny Phoenix was grateful just to be alive and in a safe surrounding without bullets flying or gang members taking your dearest possession He was grateful for everything he’s been given second hand clothes a bed a roof upon his head His American dream was not to become rich or successful He just wanted to have a little house to walk freely and fearlessly in the countryside and maybe have a beer with a friend This made me realize I was luckyReading about Phoenix and Ari’s life in El Salvador about their traumatizing journey and about their hope to be safe to live made me truly see these migrant’s utter despair Most don’t leave their country on a whim but out of sheer necessity When they reach a border they’re contained in camps and begin the long wait to see if their hope will come true or be crushed again To witness Phoenix and Ari having to prove they’re worthy was heartbreaking They had to be cleaned and judged and deemed worthy How many succeed? How many are rebuked? What do they become once they’ve been sent back? Phoenix knew the statistics and how very few got permission to stay in the USThe refugees crisis is a complex topic dividing peoples across the world some seeing migrant as a threat to their work their safety while other wish to help these people so desperate they left everything and everyone behind in the hope of a better safer future Marie Maruardt made me think about all these people I had to face my prejudice and live Phoenix’s life She made me see there are good and bad people everywhere refugees or native This may sound cliché but it’s true nonetheless and is so important when we are confronted with the fear of the other the foreignerNow I know that I'll never listen towatch immigration problem in the same way You won your bet Mrs Maruardt you made me care and THINK Copy received through NetGalley in exchange for a fair reviewThe Radius of Us is a beautiful book The story is great it's original and it'll capture your attention right away The characters are amazingly developed their interactions seem natural But what most stood out about this book to me was the writing style In my experience YA isn't the genre where you can encounter amazing and elouent writing styles so Mrs Maruardt's way of writing surprised me and amazed me She has a wonderful way with words and if the summary doesn't spark up your interest I promise you that the wordiness of first sentence will captivate youPS Mrs Maruardt is joining my list of authors whose style I'm jealous of The other two authors are Serena Chase and SVagus Oh if onlyPre review notesI'm gonna need a while to stomach this Review in a day or two or three Plot 4Writing style 45Characters 4Romance 4In which an eighteen year old Mexican boy was mistaken for another Latino by an American girl who was traumatized by an incident with an involvement of an infamous Mexican gang • Plot I always state this whenever I review ya novels I am not much of contemporary reader but let me tell you this this book over here is golden The issues it deals with are prominent It's my first time reading a novel that has someting do with with an Latinos getting deported due to their dark pasts in there homeland To be honest it felt refreshing reading this because it somehow broadened my view in such things That life outside my room is not rainbows and unicorns That I should be taking myself for the privelage I have Of course I do have some issues with the book itself but nothing major let me assure you I do only wished the author somehow focused as well with the female protaginist's said trauma and case Also while reading this I was shocked due to how cruel La Salvador was explained I can't really say if the author kinda exaggerated the whole La Salvador's state the gang fights and all because I personally didn't witnessed it Haven't even step a foot in Mexico though I would love to someday This is the type of novel that is worthy of being a movie • writing style it hooked me the moment I read the first chapter I mean it's direct to the point No unnecessary and boring introduction No sipping coffees or whatever Fast paced that's for sure Read it in one sitting Thr climax was fine with me Not too dramatix but not too dull Smooth • characters they're amazing To tell you the truth I think the novel was not lengthy enough for us to get to know the characters deeper 1 Gretchen The female lead's character was especially not much given attention Sure there was character development It's just the lack of seeing who she really is Don't get me wrong I do like her because she's straight to the point Determined When the secrets were spilled she freaked out a bit but immediately get ovee it and tried fixing things up That's the type of ya heroine I need Like I said I wished the author somehow focused as well with her case not only with the male lead's 2 Phoenix I feel so bad for all the things he'd been through He's a great brother Smart Patient I also love reading his point of views How he complain about the overpriced cheese and all that I mean I completely agree with me • romance it was not the type of romance where you'll find yourself blushing I mean of course you'll laugh at some point but the whole love story itself was touching Both characters themselves found each other to heal To help one another in overcoming all the tragedies Somehow they felt natural despite the fact it's kinda insta love How first they only see each other as friends Someone to trustAnyways as long as it is not love at first sight I am fine with it I can't say how long I've waited for Central American representation in any book Truthfully I didn't know this book featured a Salvadoran refugee immigrant and everything he struggled with just reminded me of my family Although it was not the best I truly thank the author for getting inspiration after visiting a detention center filled with CA men who are also seeking asylum As a teenager with immigrant parents I think it's important to note that what is happening in this book in his perspective is still happening in out the world and will most likely never end I just want to say thank you to the author for taking time of her own to go to El Salvador and learn our language our culture and about our beautiful yet small and violent country This book can inform the reader about what it really is like being an immigrant from a country almost no one knows about El Salvador is not a country you hear mention uite a lot and its a country that at times no one believes exists or is a Spanish speaking country You can really learn what sacrifices many Latinos have to make in order for them and their family to have a better life than the one they were living theirs at Phoenix truly had made me think about my mother and father and their stories From gang violence to have to illegally cross the border because there's no other option to having two gay mothers I truly felt bad for him He was separated from his brother and all that reminded me of was the recent separation the Central American children with their parents And with Gretchen I was able to connect with her panic attacks but not entirely Hers are very descriptive and realistic mine used to be uick and uiet I truly felt bad for her and although I could not connect with her in any other way I'm glad she became understanding of the situationI did expect better from this one I remember when I first added it to my tbr last year and how I was very excited for it because I knew it was a contemporary that featured mental health but I guess either the romance was in the way or the very obvious plot twist that just needed some working to be done The writing could also use some improvement Nothing that's out of the generation but it felt too middle grade and no YA aspects were felt while reading it Triggercontent warning for panic attacks PTSD and some physical abuse extremely skeptical about this one because this talks about gang violence and illegal immigration both important issues to medon't let me down pls crosses fingers Rating 45 SarsIf I was pressed to summarize this book I would pick the following part of the book blurb Told in alternating first person points of view The Radius of Us is a story of love sacrifice and the journey from victim to survivor There was just so much I loved about this book I don't even know where to start This is a love story a story of redemption and a story of survival This is story of gang violence refugees and the Central American Crisis This book hit me on so many levels and I was all in from the first page Both Phoenix and Gretchen were victims Gretchen had been assaulted and was suffering from PTSD Phoenix was running from his gang life past and fighting for him and his little brother to stay in the US These two were able to find solace in each other's company Gretchen was able to feel safe; Phoenix was able to see a possible future Both were hopeful and I couldn't help but be hopeful with them Looking at that smile I feel like I can breathe better like the air has just changed to pure oxygen Phoenix's story definitely stole the show My heart ached as I learned about his past He had experienced so many difficult things in his 19 years it did not seem uite fair He made mistakes in the past but he turned his life around This idea that one can change and one does not need to be defined by one's past is so important to me I want to think that every mistake I make will not haunt me forever I want to believe that I can overcome my past and move forward towards good things I need redemption stories to keep this flame of hope alive and this book definitely fits the bill He's helping me come back alive He's sort of amazing This book is also packed with great characters I know many people will mention the diversity present in this book because there is A LOT of diversity in this book There are black white and Latino characters Some are straight some are gay They are rich poor and in between They were from all walks of life and all these different perspectives added to the beauty of this book But besides being diverse they were just beautiful characters Sally and Amanda were the lovely lesbian couple who took Phoenix into their home and were paying for his lawyer But they did not just give him monetary support they gave him genuine affection and support and served as one of several mother figures in Phoenix's life There was Bree and Ty Pennington Trading Spaces anyone? Gretchen's friends who were struggling with how to help Gretch after the attack I really liked that Maruardt surprised me with Ty He turned out to be so much than I thought he would be Sister Mary Margaret another mother figure had given a lot to Phoenix and continued to fight for him from afar Finally there was Barbie and Bo the biker couple with hearts of gold All were special and really enhanced the storyI read the acknowledgements and was not surprised to find that Maruardt is an immigration advocate Her passion and knowledge is obvious in this story I found it all uite interesting and heartbreaking It left me with a lot to think about for sureI am getting a little misty just thinking about it but I Loved That Ending The epilogue was perfection for me I am so grateful for that epilogue It was everything for me Overall A beautiful and emotional story of love and the human spirit which deeply moved me and left me with many important things to ponderI would like to thank NetGalley and St Martin's Press for the advanced copy of this bookBLOG|INSTAGRAM|BLOGLOVIN| FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS When Gretchen first sees Phoenix she thinks she's come face to face with him the boy who assulted and robbed her six months ago and turned her life upside down Since the attack Gretchen notices him everywhere in every teen boy with dark eyes and caramel skin Not that she could confide this in anyone Her friends family and boyfriend have all been waiting for her to return to normal But it's becoming clear to Gretchen she might never her old self ever again She can no longer handle going to school or socializing or driving She suffers panic attacks Her time is now spent babysitting her young cousins and trying to get past what happened to her But then she meets PhoenixPhoenix not him He's an illegal immigrant who fled El Salvador after both he and his younger brother Ari were green lit by a local gang Phoenix regrets a lot of the choices he made in El Salvador but is determined to make things right for Ari Unfortunately those choices are likely to be the very thing that gets himself deported He wants to make sure his brother's case is settled before he's ordered to leave but Ari is refusing to talk Time is tickingGretchen is drawn to Phoenix inspite of his resemblance to her attacker or maybe because of it She needs to prove to herself that she's not afraid that she can start to move on She wants to apologize for running away from him like he was radioactive the first time they met Phoenix can't believe a girl like Gretchen want to be his friend when everyone else around seems so suspicious of him He likes her right away but knows that she's off limits She a pretty white American girl and he's an ex gang member soon to be shipped off to South America It would be impractical for them to fall in love But when has that ever stopped anyone?This is a sweet but not cutesy or saccharine story that I really enjoyed I thought both Gretchen and Phoenix were great characters with real chemistry together I like that love does not cure their problems Gretchen and Phoenix help each other but they are ultimately responsible for their own success I liked that Gretchen completely misjudged another character throughout the book and actually acknowledged it I do think some of the serious issues in this book were given a bit of a Pollyanna treatment but overall I thought this was a great YA romanceI received a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley What happens when you fall in love with someone everyone seems determined to fear Ninety seconds can change a life — not just daily routine but who you are as a person Gretchen Asher knows this because that’s how long a stranger held her body to the ground When a car sped toward them and Gretchen’s attacker told her to run she recognized a surprising terror in his eyes And now she doesn’t even recognize herselfNinety seconds can change a life — not just the place you live but the person others think you are Phoenix Flores Flores knows this because months after setting off toward the US Mexico border in search of safety for his brother he finally walked out of detention But Phoenix didn’t just trade a perilous barrio in El Salvador for a leafy suburb in Atlanta He became that person — the one his new neighbors crossed the street to avoidNinety seconds can change a life — so how will the ninety seconds of Gretchen and Phoenix’s first encounter change theirsTold in alternating first person points of view The Radius of Us is a story of love sacrifice and the journey from victim to survivor It offers an intimate glimpse into the causes and devastating impact of Latino gang violence both in the US and in Central America and explores the risks that victims take when they try to start over Most importantly Marie Maruardt's The Radius of Us shows how people struggling to overcome trauma can find healing in love

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I am an author of young adult novels a college professor and an immigration advocate How are these all connected After many years as a researcher service provider and – most importantly – friend with immigrants to Georgia I felt frustrated I often spoke to groups about immigration and the need for immigration reform I offered clear rational explanations and data on why our immigration sy

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