Sissies Feminized In Diapers Femdom ABDL Humiliation

Sissies Feminized In Diapers Femdom ABDL Humiliation Punishment Sissy Feminization Book 1 A hot 3 story bundle by Vicky Innes Luke's Pink PacifierA short story about a man who reluctantly gives his wife total control over his life Diane stumbles upon Luke sucking on a pacifier and decides that if he secretly wants to become helpless and diapered then she'll oblige him Better yet she'll turn him into a girly little princess and dress him up in pink jewelry and nail polish Will Luke be an good obedient little princess Or will he wet his diaper giving his mummy no choice but to punish him by penetrationAmy Diapers and Feminizes the Man of the HouseWhen his wife is out of town and forgets to lock him up in chastity Cam goes wild and throws a massive party Amy finds out and pretends to seduce him and even puts him in diapers to make sure he's totally submissive and docile The sexy nineteen year old coed assumes total control of his sissification and life But Cam deserves a lot punishment than thatFemdom Grant Gets Feminized in DiapersRebecca is tired of Grant slouching around the house watching TV and making a mess She's had enough and decides that if her husband wants to act like a loser then she'll treat him like one But simply wearing diapers and a blonde wig aren't enough punishment for him

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