Bloodmoon The Scarlet Star Trilogy #2 ePUB ½

Bloodmoon The Scarlet Star Trilogy #2 A Bloodmoon is rising With Fell Falls put firmly behind him Tonmerion Hark has only one desire to make his way east and once again feel the soil of his Empire under his boots But blood has been spilt Machinations of the powerful foiled Scores have been scraped in the desert sand and now they must be settled A new power is growing in London and it pines for revenge Now that both Tonmerion and Rhin find themselves being hunted over prairie and wasteland he and his strange new family put their fate in the hands of a travelling circus headed straight for the shores of the Iron Ocean and a ship home There is only one truth all will be settled on the night of the BloodmoonCheck out wwwbengalleycom for sneak peeks and samples Very well craftedThe world that the series is based in is a very well crafted semi alternate history The magic system is both uniue and comfortably easy to understand Ben is a fantastic author and I have enjoyed all of his work so far I look forward to Bloodmoon is a step down from Bloodrush The world building which gripped my imagination in the first book is now familiar and hence not a stand out feature I had mentioned in my review of Bloodrush that Ben Galley needed to focus on the story and characters in subseuent books as world building could take you only so far Welp in that respect Bloodmoon is only average There were three separate threads and of these the machinations in London were the most interesting And this speaks a lot about the blandness of the main characters Don't get me wrong though Ben Galley's writing is still brilliant And the world is still uniue But these are not enough to overcome the sense that nothing much is happeningMaybe Bloodmoon is just suffering from 'middle itis' since it is the second book in the trilogy Hopefully Bloodfeud will be much better It started with Bloodrushand what a rush that was #sorrynotsorry and rising from the ashes life must go on I was a little excited for this book I'd been looking forward to it since the end of Bloodrush and now I have post Bloodmoon bluesThe cover is beautifully errieIf you didn't get that blood would be a part of the book from the titles then the cover sure goes a long way to fix that seeped in shades of reds with the great big moon rising upoh wait could that be the bloodmoon?? I alos love the typography of Ben's name so different from the Emaneska its like the name here has grit But I digressThe bookThere's a difference sense of pace here a different intensity it's very much a journey book across the Endless lands America to you and me helped buy what better means than a travelling circus IN so much as this was a focus we also got to send a lot time with the events happening in London something I mentioned wanting of and get from Faye ueen in a way where everything was gradually building up to the climax of not only this book but the s storm that is to come in book 3I had wondered where this story would go so I was pleasantly surprised with the introduction of a Circus I love a circus in a story but it has to be one thats a little dark that has a bit of edge to it and when you have a circus of rushers it certainly has edge I also like reading into certain things far too much and one of the first literary encounters I had with Circuses was Darren Shan's Cirue Du Freak and a lot of the time I was getting really similar vibesthere was even a character called Shan and even if this wasn't a reference it was a really nice throwback for me to experience when readingBeing the second in a series the characters felt familiar You had them and you went with them immediately like you already knew them Merion is this great juxtaposition between the man and the boy he is Rhin can't seem to catch a break and Lurker and Lilianwould you come on already One of the great things about Ben's writing is his ability to capture everyone's voice really well building up such a variety of characters and maintaining them throughoutWithout wanting to repeat myself too much from previous reviews I do want to touch again on the magick system which feels so fresh to read as it takes ideas of channeling magic and put's a fresh spin on to it There's also a great guide in the back of the books just in case you've lost your own rushing reference and need a reminder This is a fantastic series which if you've never read any of ben's work you really need to get on to You won't be disappointed The only disappointment I can foresee is the end of the series Bring on Book 3 I like this follow up to Bloodrush a lot Ben Galley picked up the story without missing a beat and took us down the dust and dangerous trail that Merion Hark and his entourage travel on their way back to the Empire Again the characters are dimensional and interesting and their relationships drove the storyI am looking forward to what happens next

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