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Remembrance The Celtic Vampyre Saga #4 Remembrance Book Four The Celtic Vampyre Saga 260 pages print length Upon learning that Martha has commandeered the body of his new love Faelynn a frantic and puzzled Nathaniel seeks the help of a powerful clairvoyant Elisabetta Orzic Elisabetta pushes her supernatural abilities to their limits only to learn that Goddess Toleka has no plans of letting anyone undo her handiwork without suffering harsh ramifications Even though Elisabetta is unable to disentangle the knot of chaos that Goddess Toleka has weaved she uncovers the truth about Faelynn The knowledge that Faelynn is not what Nathaniel thinks she is rocks him to his core To make matters worse Nathaniel gets a surprise visit from Cormack who only hours previously survived an assassination attempt in the bowels of his own castle at the hands of Faelynn He comes to Nathaniel not as an agent of vengeance but as a diplomat—a diplomat with an olive branch in one hand and a blood soaked shillelagh in the other Cormack is also aware of what Goddess Toleka has done and wants Martha to be placed back into her body before it’s too late Ironically for the first time in both the vampyres’ lives time is not on their side Will Nathaniel play ball and agree to put their differences aside for one night and work with his brother to find a solution Or will Nathaniel trust his instincts and refuse Cormack’s help since he has burned him—figuratively and literally—not once not twice but umpteen times in the past This intriguing and passionate saga would be attractive to the habitual readers of Gothic literary works paranormal romance and horror Warning Some scenes within

About the Author: C.K. Farrell

CK Farrell is an award winning Irish novelist who is currently based in the United States of America In between hectic writing and research sessions he spends his time walking his dogs around the woodlands and shores of New England hoping to be hit by inspiration Presently CK Farrell is working on completing the subseuent books of The Celtic Vampyre Saga along with several other proje

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    CaptivatingThe saga is moving with full force now Every book gets and intriguing I will admit that I have no idea where we are headed but I can't wait to find out

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    ImaginativeI like the language and it's a page turner As each book ends you want to go to the next

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    I’m not very good at reviewing books but since I enjoyed this one so much I’ll try For some reason this book felt kinda short not sure if it’s my imagination or not I ended up learning a few new words which is a usual occurrence whenever I read a book from this series so where to begin I DID NOT LIKE what Faelynn’s mom did in the beginning of the book I understand why she did it but it still felt wrongWhat happened with elisabetta tha

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    I thoroughly enjoy reading anything by this author Mr Farrell is highly descriptive in his writing and paints vivid pictures for the reader His use of the English language has me learning new words consistently which I like He does not water down his writingAt first I was a little disappointed in the story line as I was expecting interaction with Nathaniel and Faelynn or at least a resolution to the dilemma that ended Book 3 in this seriesHowe

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    Book four did not disappoint Once again I was thrilled to read this series Moves along at a cracking pace excellently written characters arereally dark and some really black humour that made me laugh on than one occasionThe fantasy world of the book all have mesmerized me and delivered a story that truly builds up suspense with every page The violence in this book was something out of a horror film and described in so much detail that might not

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    Cormack is a vile creature How anyone tolerates his rampages is beyond me Nathaniel should put everyone out of their misery by killing his half brother His end game has me wondering what will come of Sessimah Martha Nathaniel and most definitely Faelynn

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