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Strange Tide Bryant May #13 The river Thames is London’s most important yet neglected artery When a young woman is found chained to a post in the tide no one can understand how she came to be drowned there At the Peculiar Crimes Unit Arthur Bryant and John May find themselves dealing with an impossible crime committed in a very public place Soon they discover that the river is giving up other victims but as the investigation extends from the coast of Libya to the nightclubs of North London it proves as murkily sinister as the Thames itself That’s only part of the problem; Bryant’s rapidly deteriorating condition prevents him from handling the case and he is confined to home To make matters worse May makes a fatal error of judgement that knocks him out of action and places everyone at riskWith the PCU staff baffled as much by their own detectives as the case the only people who can help now are the battery of eccentrics Bryant keeps listed in his diary but will their arcane knowledge save the day or make matters even worse Soon there’s a clear suspect in everyone’s sights – the only thing that’s missing is any scrap of evidenceAs the detectives’ disastrous investigation comes unstuck the whole team gets involved in some serious messing about on the river In an adventure that’s as twisting as the river upon which it’s set will there be anything left of the Peculiar Crimes Unit when it’s over uite good funMy ViewWacky and bizarre this episode is full of eccentricities and over the top behaviours by our beloved Arthur Bryant and for a short while Bryant is convinced that he is developing a type of dementia or the like read the clues scattered like crumbs and you will draw your own conclusionThis is another enjoyable episode in the life of The Peculiar Crimes Unit – I love the trip down memory lane and the weaving of past and present stories to create this new mystery Fun whacky the images of false teeth funky smelling sandwiches in coat pockets etc slightly gross there is an almost slapstick comedic manner about the writing mixed with a serious mystery an entertaining read I have an image in my head of an actor who I think would play this part wellwish I could remember his nameit will come to me This Bryant and May novel focuses on the River Thames its victims and the deaths that occur in it or beside it Lynsey Dalladay's body is discovered tethered to the river's shoreline The Peculiar Crimes Unit PCU are the police team who takes the case and it raises the uestion of whether it is a suicide or not Running alongside is the story of Ali an ambitious refugee with a traumatic backstory that includes his journey to Britain Ali finds himself in London acuiring a variety of identities in a number of ventures that include magic shows and running a Well Being Centre He has a partner Cassie who helps organise the ventures but they centre on the charm and charisma of Ali It is made clear that Ali will be a person of interest to the PCU in the future Additionally there is the pressing issue of Bryant's health but thankfully that is mostly resolved thanks to Bryant himselfThe investigation takes in the discovery of a severed hand close to Lynsey's body Further deaths connected with the mighty Thames occur or are discovered These include Dimitri Gilyov Bill Crooms Angela Curtis and Marion North North's murder is staged to implicate John May which has the team frantic to find evidence to exonerate him The complex and intricate case goes around in circles trying to ascertain if the deaths are connected There are a number of twists and turns and it is Bryant who finally puts it all together In the meantime the PCU is being investigated by Barbara Biddle who cannot help but note the disorganisation the lack of a chain of command and the mayhem that surrounds the unit Well that is not going to change as it's the madcap people and disorder that is the key to its success and the espirit de corps of the teamAs ever we are informed of the history and the mythology of the Thames primarily thanks to Arthur and his acuaintances The humour wit and fun associated with the series is outstanding in this novel It is the marvellous assortment of characters that make this series I loved this book but felt that perhaps occasionally the level of incoherence was perhaps a tad higher than it needed to be However this did not stop me having a whale of a time reading this book Christopher Fowler is uite a writer I am assuming that Bryant and May will return Thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC This is probably now my favorite of what is one of my favorite series Just when you wonder what Christopher Fowler can do with his lead characters Bryant May he moves in unexpected directions and keeps the reader moving forward with him At the start continuing from the last book the ravages of age are catching up with Arthur Bryant but naturally not in any normal fashion As he deals with his changing mind which is still an invaluable tool and full of arcane knowledge of London the PCU has a new puzzling case to solve Once again the unit's existence is on the line How can they function without a fully functioning Arthur?London and the Thames are very important to the story and as always the past becomes a part of the present At first I wondered where this all might be going But never fearthe reader is as ever in Christopher Fowler's so capable hands If you have been reading this series you will definitely not want to miss this episode No further details coming from me You will have to read this for yourselvesA copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review I have previously read two other Bryant and May titles which I enjoyed 4 star reviews I love their uirkiness and in particular Arthur Bryant's disordered mind and convoluted thought processesHowever this is a strange book and one I could not get drawn into There is a smattering of gems and I learnt a lot of things I never knew but largely the book was confusing rather than entertaining By the time I was two thirds of the way through I was skimming large tracts and felt relieved if unenlightened at the endA young pregnant woman is found chained to a post in a tidal part of the Thames river with only her own footprints leading to the place of her death Soon the Thames is delivering up other bodies all dead in peculiar circumstances The Peculiar Crimes Unit is called to investigate But they are hampered by Arthur Bryant being diagnosed with a variety of Alzheimer's Disease and seen as a risk to himself and the other team members he is confined to his home and the officeAnd this is where I think the book failed With Arthur's limited involvement it just seemed to stall Reading it can be compared to being in a tumble dryer the plot was all over the place2 12 stars from me for this read the extra half star for increasing my knowledgeI do recommend the Bryant and May series just not this particular bookThank you to NetGalley and Random House UK Transworld Publishers for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

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