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Unabomber The Secret Life of Ted Kaczynski Author Chris Waits was Ted Kaczynski's friend and neighbor in the Montana mountains for 25 years ABC News called Waits the Man who knew him best That uniue knowledge cast Waits as a key figure in the FBI's relentless investigation a role that provided the author with volumes of Kaczynski's personal journals that illuminate for the first time the lifestyle crimes and twisted logic of the notorious Unabomber

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    I've read about 3 4 books on Ted Kaczsynki and was surprised to find that this is probably my favorite Why? Well this book was written by someone who was in contact with Kaczynski for 20 years and he has a TON of trivial facts and anecdotes that you wont find in

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    The gullibility of people mystified me; it's amazing how uickly a criminal is transformed into an icon to be almost worshipped It's a given that criminals have rights but what about the victims and their rights? Somehow I feel our nation's sense of values has become sk

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    Very interesting book written by the man who was his neighbor in the Montana woods Invaluable material if you are interested in True Crime and High profile cases The author however seems to be completely naïve in that it seems impossible he did not link up Ted's bazaar anti

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    The author Chris Waits lived close by Theodore Kaczynski the Unabomber for twenty five years They were friends Yet Chris Waits had no idea about the real secret life of his neighborTed Kaczynski In this book the authors detail the life style of some in the rural Montana area The mee

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    I found the work to be very thoughtful and insightful The author was Kaczynski's neighbor and friend for 25 years and after Ted's capture he began to re examine all of thier past interactions and discussions for clues he may have missed his recollections paint a picture of Ted as a sociall

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    Waits offers an incredibly uniue and detailed perspective about Ted Kaczynski's 25 years living in Lincoln Montana The writing freuently seemed self righteous and indulgent though as if he wrote this primarily to feel appreciated for his efforts and to receive the credit he felt the FBI didn't ad

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    This was written for no other reason than monetary gain Chris was begging the FBI to pay him for his knowledge even after it was clear they DID NOT NEED it to convict Ted Chris is nothing but a greedy piece of grizzly bear scat that used The Unabomber case to make a few dollars Disgusting

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    Not a bad book but I went into it with the wrong mindset I wanted to learn about Ted's upbringing and his history and this book was written by his neighbor While it was definitely an interesting read it didn't give me the details I was after family life etc

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    Interesting riveting exciting good detail Never interested in the Unabomber before reading this Now I am very interested

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    Could have been 50% shorter Too much self congratulatory writing by author and FBI Interesting for about 150 pages reads like into the wild

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