Deep Obsession Obsession #2 ePUB Þ Deep Obsession

Deep Obsession Obsession #2 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ™„๐ŸคจI was expecting The intro states this is not a cliff Hanger but I say Nay Nay they are at a party introducing her to his family his mother is a Bitch invited his ex and totally snubs her and that's it I don't think so For art enthusiast Angela life seems to be going well Not only has she managed to secure her own art gallery but she's also managed to partner up with Adrian; a handsome and passionate alpha male who made his fortune in the art scene Yes life has been going well but as she's about to find out it isn't always plain sailing Having a powerful bitter and obsessive ex boss is never a good thing And when hers does his best to interfere in her life Adrian takes matters into his own hands and shows Angela a new darker side Angela has always known that her and Adrian are very different yet had fallen for him regardless But as and differences emerge the uestion arises of whether their personalities will be compatible in the long term Will the couple be able to prove that opposites attract Or will their differences prove all too much for this couple Find out in this hot new romance story by J A Fielding A follow up to the hugely popular 'Basic Obsession' yet can be read as a stand alone story Suitable for 18s and over only due to hot love making scenes with a Nubian ueen and an a rugged Alpha male OkayI liked the story but I wish it would have told me what happened between Angie and her boyfriend I kinda felt like I was left hanging without knowing if there was going to be a part 3 Emotional erotic and suspensefulIf only there was a man like Adrian Corday He could have any woman he desired and they were his level of ladies but he truly loved this regular woman She was a great person with a great job but she frustrated me not being stable in letting her guard down with this wonderful man Really she could have confidence in his love because he was the epitome of alpha male personified This is a romantic and great read You want want to put it down Loved it PROOF READ PLEASEI read Basic Obsession and I loved Adrian and Angelina so naturally I had to read their next story The only problem I had was the inconsistencies in the story one minute he Adrian was adopted then the next his family is living over in Britain and he has a sister whose name goes from Caitlyn to Kayla Overall good read if you can see past the flaws Good story liked longer length but feels incompleteTitle says it all Author needs a better editor This book had far fewer errors than many of her other books but the character name change Parker to Mendez back to Parker? and things like that are distracting from an otherwise interesting story I'd read a seuel Much BetterThis book is so much better than the 1st and no where near as many typo's I'm glad you took better care with this book I look forward to the next installment ??????Really is that how you end a book? Very disappointed in the author's abrupt ending there were loose end that needed to be tied Again I say very disappointed Wasn't a fan of the ending HotBeautiful and hot Somewhat sad Recognized myself in Angie Loved Adrian His mother is a true snob I understand about Olivia Like her was well

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