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Hollow City Jacob Portman chegou ao Lar da Senhora Peregrine para Crianças Peculiares em busca de respostas para a misteriosa morte do seu avô mas encontrou ainda mais mistérios Depois de viajar no tempo até 1940 Jacob conhece as crianças peculiares rapazes e raparigas com poderes sobrenaturais e a senhora Peregrine ue toma conta delas e as protege das perigosas criaturas ue parecem determinadas a exterminá las uando o lar é destruído e a senhora Peregrine fica em perigo Jacob com os seus recém descobertos poderes junta se aos seus novos amigos para tentarem salvá la Contudo as ruas de Londres durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial não são nada seguras para um grupo de crianças sozinhas A aventura d'O Lar da Senhora Peregrine para Crianças Peculiares continua em Cidade sem Alma onde Jacob e os seus amigos têm de enfrentar desafios inimagináveis para se salvarem

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    I'm so happy that I decided to reread this I forgot how crazy that ending was o I THINK I'M READY FOR LIBRARY OF SOULS NOW I THINK MAYBE NOT BUT IT'S COMING WHETHER I'M READY OR NOT

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    44 STARS Really enjoyed Hollow City here's my booktalk D

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    Check out Scott Reads It for reviews Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children is one of my all time favorite books and I've been waiting to read Hollow City for ages As soon as I received Hollow City I began to devour this strange book and I believe Hollow City is even better than Mrs P's Hollow City does an excellent job of creating a captivating ma

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    HOLY CRAP I CAN'T EVEN I'll write my thoughts when I'm able to GATHER my thoughts but know that I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH

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    what is it with you people and rating books that aren´t even PUBLISHED?? COME ON

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    SpoilersDisappointing The plot was uninteresting the characters were unremarkable and the romance was lame Summary Miss Peregine's school and the time loop she created destroyed by hollowswightsthe bad guys the peculiarsstudents on the run Miss Peregine poisoned and not able to fix the loop and protect her kids Jacob and the other peculiars have to avoid the bad guys a

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    Are you still into the creepy vintage photos?Welcome to a Deeper maturer richer convenient seuel really sad we won't watch a Movie out of itTim Burton only concluded the whole series in an ending that's even worse than Book One's it almost made me ditch Book TwoI'm glad I didn't unexpectedly loved it this time Ransom Riggs here add depth into the world he built in book on

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    January 2014?

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    I definitely enjoyed this book than the first installment when I read it a two years ago There were definitely slower moments that were rough to get through but ultimately I really enjoyed how the plot progressed in this novel and cannot wait to see how it ends

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    45 StarsWow what an amazing ending I totally didn’t see that comingSomething also interesting is that until reading the author’s note I had NO idea that Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi author of the Shatter Me series were married I’m sure I’m the last person to future this outbut crazy fun fact if you didn’t know But anyway there is something about this series and this world that

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