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Soulless Black Thorns #2 Soulless is book two of the Black Thorns series of dark motorcycle themed romanceThis book continues the story of Ax and Rox which began in book one When being apart didn't work Ax is determined to make if safe for him and Rox to be together but his plans threaten to change the man that Rox fell in love withA good addition to the series and ideal for those who like hot biker romances FIVE Stars I received an ARC for an honest review of SOULLESS Black Thorns #2 by Franca StormSoulless was even better than Reckless and I want This book keeps you on edge from start to finish I was angry upset and excited Black Thorns #2 is a dirty dark ride that is so perfect from start to finish There is yet another cliff hanger and if you're like me you will be going mad trying to find out what will happen to Rox and Ax next Love this MC series Jackie Reviewed Confessions From Romaholics Review copy kindly provided by author in exchange for a honest reviewSoulless is the seuel to Reckless and the second and final book for Rox and Ax’s story After that ending I wonder if these two could find their way back to each other as I dove into this book soon as I finished the first As this story may have the dark and dangerous MC clubs we know about but this club and story was different They may be ruthless but they were trying to do the right thing which got them in a whole lot of trouble in the first bookNow it was all murky as whilst there was a new chapter in the club’s life everything was up in the air As Ax was broken and whilst he may have a new role in his club and new responsibilities He still wants vengeance but now he has a different need to worry about as well RoxThe one woman who got under his skin and walked away after he couldn’t handle things and was totally broke Ax is now back doing what he knows best but is it enough considering that Rox is out there in the unknownThey may be torn apart by their families but the darkness and the problems where still there They were both floundering and need each other but all the time spent apart and the new directions that they were heading Will they make their way back to each other? I like the direction that the author took this book yes it was their book but we started to get intimate look at the club and their members We got to know men further all men who have good hearts who wants to help their president And then there two of them who are apart and wanting to get back It was inventible that they would find their way back together and the author took as on a magic journey as we finally saw them reach an HEAA fitting conclusion to their story considering how big of stormy relationship that they had with things being thrown to them left right and centre They had to work for it and I truly was happy with the story that author gave them As Ax was broken and he need to see for himself what anguish and pain he caused himself instead focusing on his own pain and anguish that he was dealt from othersI do hope this isn’t the end of the series4 couples For of my reviews visit Confessions From RomaholicsAnd drop by the blog's Facebook page “I lick her top lip and she opens for me I plunge my tongue inside stroking along the length of hers slowly taking my time Cuz it’s different this time I’m claiming her again Taking back my girl”5 dark stars Dmn I love this series It’s so twisted and disturbing Two of my favorite things Great great bookAx and Rox are such a smokin hot book couple Ax walks away from Rox to keep her safe and Rox is forced to start a new life without him And although they aren’t together they are missing each other and miserable without the other After someone threatens Rox Ax takes off to get her back But what Ax doesn’t realize that Rox has a past with the same man who’s threatening her This book is an insane ride but so worth it It’s steamy and thrilling which I loveReceived a copy in exchange for an honest review Read and reviewed by Melissa for Alpha Book Club Wow wow wow bloody brilliant readI cant put into words how utterly brilliant these 2 book are I love a kickase heroine we get her here Roxanabeautiful girl She is strong fearless tough scared sometimes but ooh how she loves her man NeilAx This is a beautiful love story with 2 very strong main characters There is much I wanna write about these book Reckless Soulless but no gud with words It took less than a day to read these I kid you not I only slept for an one hour Just could not put down these books Autumn Lake Jones has always bn my # 1 author for MC books but Miss Storm Thank You for these exceptional reads You now r my #1 If there is one thing you do today pls read these 2 books I promise you you will not regret Enjoy ❤ Look what I foundI was looking for an MC romance book I ending up finding a series that I really couldn't get enough of Rox and Ax finally got all the obstacles out of their way Same issue as the first book I didn't like Rox Even when she seemed a little softer in this book it was only because she was depressed after Ax left her I knew she would go back to her old self once they got back together She took a lot of risks even when she shouldn't have and granted she was tough but going after a crime lord while pregnant after having lost a baby before doing that same type of activity? and she always acted like she knew better what to do than anyone else I just wasn't feeling her brand of toughness A damaged man who knows no peaceA broken warrior who can't move onThe fight has only just begunAxForced apart from his woman and stuck in a place he can't bear to beHe's President of Black Thorns MC now and he'll wield that power to fix everythingHe'll stop at nothingHe won't lose her againWar will reignRoxanaThey took too much from her and burned her world to ashBut when the fight comes to her she answers the callShe'll stand beside her manShe won't lose him againThe battle is onTheir love might cost them their lives but walking away isn't an option Not this time GreatFranca Storm writes yet another great book in this series I'm very excited to have found yet another author who has the vision to create a story that pulls you into her world Add to that the characters who live there and make you love them too This is an MC series with little twists and not your usual fare with the heroine as tough and skilled as the guys Hold on to your seat and the heart stopping passion Loved itFinally Ax and Rox finally pulled their heads outta their a It only took a years worth of heartbreak and a hit list to put things in to perspective Wasn’t real fond of Rox losing herself but having Ax again brought back the ball busting woman he fell in love with Their HEA came with a wedding and a new child Perfect

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