Baby Matchmaker Epub ↠ Kindle Edition

Baby Matchmaker I am voluntarily writing this review for this book I received through arcLisa is holding her sister and brother in law 3 month old baby Her sister and husband were in an automobile accident Lisa had no idea how to be a mother and take care of an infant She looks across to the ground and who is standing there but Alex Dawson her long term crush After the funeral Alex and Lisa had a talk about her keeping Jason with her Alex asked her to move into his 3 bedroom as he knew she was going to school Lisa was telling her friend Jane about what has been going with Alex Jane accuses Lisa of wanting to seduce Alex and she told her he is off limits Alex and Lisa are getting closer because of taking care of Jason Lisa and Alex get intimate and in the middle of the night Lisa hears a banging on the door She finally got Alex awake and he went to answer the door and she heard a woman’s voice Alex was trying to place the women meanwhile Lisa just stood in the background She watched him until he saw her and at that moment Jason began to cry it was perfect to make her escape to his room Alex tells Lisa to open the door and when she did she told him she was going to feed the baby Lisa was really flustered from the night before and told Alex she is leaving with the babyWill Alex and Lisa ever get back together or will Lisa have her own little home Definitely five stars Sweet romance between two people that were thrown together by unexpected circumstances Lisa had custody of her nephew since her sister and brother in law died in an accident Alex brother to her brother in law wanted her and the baby to move into his house so he could take care of them and also so they could raise the baby together The baby worked his matchmaking skills as only a baby can And well you will have to read this delightful tale to find out what happens Recommend to everyone Lisa didn't have time to grieve the loss of her sister and brother in law since she had to care for their 3 month old son now that they were gone How was she going to provide for him pay for the house and finish school? Not to mention take care of the baby at the same time Some of her problems were solved when the baby's uncle showed up and suggested they move in with him She didn't really have any other choice so she accepted his offer But she had been attracted to him for years and was worried that she wouldn't be able to keep her distance from the playboy Especially when there was something so sexy about a man caring for a baby Baby Matchmaker has a lot of story packed into not a lot of pages And while I would have liked it wasn't necessary I loved this uick read and the cover caught my attention because it was so funny This story might start out sad but it will leave you smiling I definitely recommend this short story This is a very nice short story Lisa's sister and brother in law had just died in a car accident leaving their son Jason in her care Her Brother in law's brother Alex invited her and Jason his nephew to move in with him She immediately didn't want to but when he brought up the rent on her sister's house she was living in with Jason she knew she was going to accept Alex's offer She had always been attracted to Alex since she first met him 4 years ago But her sister and brother in law warned not to go there that Alex was a player and she would only get her heart broken by him How was she going to resist him with her already being attracted to him He told her he had changed for the better but had he actually changed and would he stay that way only time would tell and if she had a chance of a relationship with him This is a cute story about two people who have always had feelings for each other but one baby forces them to be together I liked the story and it is a short novella The baby forces these two to realize and talk about their feeling for each other and discover they are in love with each other Lisa seen Alex four years ago at a Christmas party and was smitten but Alex was a player Then Lisa sister and brother in law die in an accident leaving Jason Lisa and Alex decide to raise Jason together while living at Alex's apartment and Lisa goes to school Will these two find each other? Read now to find out Insta love abounds as well as too much telling and not enough showing Short fluffy romance but a good fun read not too much angst just fun When her sister and brother in law passes away leaving behind a six month old baby Lisa was determined to take care of the only family she had left even if it meant working day and night to sustain them both However the appearance of Alex Dawson the baby’s uncle and Lisa’s long time crush turned their life upside down Unable to reject his proposal to move in with him for the baby’s sake Lisa wondered if she would be able to fight the smoking hot attraction between them or end up in the playboy’s bed Really short read Too short to get involved or to engage with the characters

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