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Jacues It is only when we matter when we are seen and truly loved that we know what it means to fully live This is the story of Jacues Lafitte a young French boy who finds himself orphaned and torn away from everything he knows Forced to move to England to live with his guardian – the pompous and distant Oliver – Jacues finds himself in a strange country and a strange world As years pass Jacues becomes part of the Clark family But then his feelings for Oliver’s daughter Rebecca begin to surpass mere sibling affection A development that has the power to bring them together or tear the family apart Jacues is Tanya Ravenswater’s beautiful and touching coming of age novel of loss longing falling in love and finding a place to call home And most importantly of the power of the relationships that help us along the way

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    ‘sometimes in a confined space within limitations of the present we can have everything’Jacues is a beautiful coming of age novel in which loss grief and love intertwine to make an enthralling read and it’s beauty comes from it’s depth and simplicityJacues’ world

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    Book ReviewTitle JacuesAuthor Tanya RavenswaterGenre FamilyComing of AgeRomanceRating Review The opening to Jacues is very profound with Jacues as an adult talking about what it means to live and he perceives that by “dying” he can carry all his cherished memories with him thro

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    ‘It is only when we matter when we are seen and truly loved that we know what it means to fully live’ Every so often a book comes on your lap that just draws you right in Jacues by Tanya Ravenswater is one of those books Published by Twenty7 an imprint of Bonnier Zaffre Jacues is a bea

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    Lesley Allen described this book as seductively lyrical and I have to agree with her It is a simple story but what makes it special is Ravenswater's writing style and mesmerising poetic use of language My pages are littered with highlights from where I found numerous phrases of exuisite prose and ab

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    An underrated book I would not know this book if not because of therebutforthebooks the second hand online bookshop in Instagram I read this as part of the Popsugar challenge I joined this year Turned out it was really good Very well written contemplative coming of age story of an orphaned boy named Jacues w

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    Jacues is a happy little boy living with his parents in France until he loses both of his parents in a car crash He is sent to live with Uncle Oliver his Godfather and his wife Anna and their two children Matthew and Rebecca How he learns to live in England and with a family he has never met before is told through hi

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    This is a lovely little book While the story is simple the plot not too dramatic I still found myself drawn in and uickly warmed to the characters and their lives Jacues is a young French boy sensitive and sweet His parents die and he is left in the care of his father's business colleague He has to move to England and adjust

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    This is an incredibly beautiful book I absolutely adore Jacues and everything about him

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    Jacues has lost both his parents at a young age When his mother died his father made arrangements for Jacues in case something would happen to him Jacues is French but speaks English fluently and this is something he needs for his future His father appointed a guardian Oliver who lives in England and Jacues is being forced to leave everything

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    This book is beautifully written with passages of lyrical uality I found myself drawn by the depth of characterisation and the gently unfolding relationships within the novel I wouldn't hesitate to read another one by the same author

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