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Release Me Tobias Holmes is making a name for himself in the music industry where he gives raw talent a star turn Sienna Culpepper has spent years convincing herself that Toby will never be able to see her as a woman instead of just a childhood friend So it seems too good to be true when Toby starts responding to the heat simmering between them Entertaining and enlighteningRich in writes about Louisiana like no other as a native Insightful look at the insides of reality shows in the mid 2000s Toby Holmes is trying to rebuild his life after a horrible accident destroys his NBA career As a music producer he needs that once in a lifetime chance to prove himself when his former best friend Sierra reenters his life Can they combine friendship and business? What is their future? Lots of humorous moments and an education in the true meaning of voodoo Content warnings heterosexual relationships mentions of rape sex ptsdReview tbaPerfect read after the mess that was the circle This was the second in the Holmes Brothers series featuring the youngest Toby and Sienna which was a slow burn childhood friends to lovers that appears to pick up not too long after Deliver Me which was book 1 about middle brother Eli left off Speaking of Eli there was a plot inconsistency off the top that threw me because Toby tells us that Tosha who is his BFF's eldest sister was engaged to Eli once upon a time but I could have sworn in book 1 that they were just high school sweethearts I will preface what follows with the fact that while it may not sound like it I enjoyed this book but I'm trying to read critically and analytically in the sense that I want to examine why I like or dislike the things I read so here goes It was published in 2008 so some of the material like the references to Trump which I noticed in Book 1 as well since Sienna's sister is named Ivana and examples of toxic masculinity when Alex his eldest brother tells Toby to go after what you want not run from it like a scared little girl does not age wellWhen we first get to know Toby I thought he was a bit of a patronizing jerk Alex tells him to hire Sienna because she's in PRMarketing and Toby says he needs a professional to handle promotion for his client Well the joke's on him when he goes to his first meeting with the firm he's hired and Sienna happens to be assigned to his account She then proceeds to kickass in her job and he comes to realize that he could learn a thing or two from Sienna The girl was on her game Go SiennaFast forward to the climax when Toby meets his nemesis and gets into a fight with him because he threatened his success in this new career yet when he finds out that Sienna who he claimed to love was raped he allowed calmer heads to prevail and didn't feel overwhelmed with the need to kick the perpetrator's ass?The subplot in this story was the enemies to lovers romance between Sienna's sister Ivana and Toby's college friend Jonathan She's a voodoo priestess who used to be corporate but turned her back on it for its superficialities and he is a contracts lawyerclub owner She kind of annoyed me for her self righteous prejudiced reverse snobbery They first meet when she shows up at the heritage house he was renovating for his law office demanding that he leave the house alone having jumped to the conclusion that he was going to gut it without explaining why it was important to her She had assumed because he was a lawyer that he was amoral and superficial the work I do actually does good for society All you do is provide a place for people to get drunk then defend them in court when they crash their cars into someone Judgemental much? Meanwhile he's smitten and just wants her to agree to a date where they could actually get to know each otherThings wrap up rather uickly from thereI'm so used to epilogues that the endings in this series so far have felt really abrupt That being said I'll be getting a peek at Toby and Sienna as well as Eli and Monica's HEA in Alex's book which does have an epilogue because I checked so that's what I'm reading next Here was another plot inconsistency because I don't recall Sienna actually telling him who it was that assaulted her yet fast forward to when she finally confronts her mother for being a terrible mom he knows to call the guy by his name to ask how the fancy gala went and whether or not the guy gave her any trouble? That's what friends are forYou know you have a good story when the supporting cast and main cast each have you in your feelings wanting You have Toby and Cee Cee who have your friends turn lovers But the next is Ivana and Jonathan who are the epitome of opposite attract The intertwining of the two had you rooting to see what was next This is the second book in this series and as stated I love books in a series I like to see characters continue to grow even though the book may have a focus on another character That is the case for this book and I'm sure I will continue to enjoy see the characters in the other books As for this book there was a point when I felt it was going to take one turn and it did another It wasn't a bad turn just unexpected An easy read which was entertaining Enjoyable readFarrah Rochon has again produced an enjoyable read not just the story of Toby and Sienna but sizzling chemistry of the supporting actors I also enjoyed the mystery that this novel has introduced with Mama Holmes can't wait to read the next one Page TurnerGot the next book ready So glad the story is continuing Would like all characters have closure when series ends Read the first book Deliver Me last year and can't wait to read this one when it released in a few months Farrah Rochon is a great great new author to try if you haven't yet Amazing I truly enjoyed Sienna and Toby’s story I liked how they were best friends come lovers I’m so glad they got their happily ever after

About the Author: Farrah Rochon

A native of south Louisiana Farrah Rochon officially began her writing career while waiting in between classes in the student lounge at Xavier University of Louisiana After earning her Bachelors of Science degree and a Masters of Arts from Southeastern Louisiana University Farrah decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a published novelist She was named Shades of Romance Magazine's Be

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