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Naughty Wishes Part IV Naughty Wishes #4 Review for Naughty Wishes 1 4 by Joey W HillI’m reviewing all four parts of the Naughty Wishes series by Joey W Hill in this one review so please keep that in mind I will keep details vague to prevent any major spoilersSamantha Geoff and Chris are roommates They’ve formed a close bond and have become a unit The truth of things is that their is an attraction that runs deep between the three of them This book follows their journey as they stumble through the growing pains of transforming their platonic friendships into lovers The added complication is that they all love each other and have the desire to keep their unit wholeI absolutely love this series Samantha is so giving and loving Tired of dropping subtle hints to Geoff and Chris she took matters into her own hands and left Geoff no doubt what she wanted from him It took a lot courage and I completely respect her for that She’s a strong character especially taking on the strong personalities of the two men she loves and helping them to not only claim their love for her but also their need for each otherGeoff holy dominant Batman Talk about hot hot hot He’s a strong character and demands submission from Samantha — which she is than happy to give He understands what a gift it is and cherishes her like he should The hiccup is that he also wants submission from Chris who has a desire to submit but can’t get over the hang up that it’ll make him seem weak Watching Geoff tread the rough waters of both parts of their triad and grow as not only a dominant but a man and lover made it impossible not to fall in love with himThen we have Chris who is a bit of a uestion mark Finding where he fit into their three way love wasn’t as simple He had a hard time wrapping his head around Samantha’s need for full submission to Geoff not to mention wrapping his head around his own hidden desires to submit to Geoff’s will I think watching him go through this journey was the most fulfilling He had the most growing to do as a character and the author wrote his character in a way that you could feel every single emotion he had throughout the book The polyamorous relationship that these three characters share is beautiful There is a perfect balance of push and pull during the story and each novella leaves you in a place where you can’t wait to dig into the next Four Stars for storyline and Five Drenched Panties Reader Beware This book may cause spontaneous combustion The smut is phenomenal and you’ll be a melted puddle of lust with each one Types of scenes MF MM MFM FMMARC Review by Miranda at Mommy’s a Book Whore From the author of Naughty Bits “one of the best authors of erotica” comes Naughty Wishes Part IV Soul when the hunger for ultimate fulfillment between three young lovers comes to a breathtaking climax It’s everything their hearts desire—but Samantha Geoff and Chris crave even With their feelings for one another out in the open and explored beyond their wildest dreams other uestions must be faced Is it really love they feel Or have they just been blinded by a relationship as intense and extreme as it is so profoundly intimate For Sam Geoff and Chris the world of Dominance and submission is nuanced than they imagined and they are far vulnerable than they believed Now while looking for answers to a lasting happiness amid their deepest emotional and sexual needs Sam Geoff and Chris discover how much innocence they’ve yet to shed Because they’re about to make a play for the most unrealized fantasy of alltrue love Includes a teaser for Unrestrained Praise for Joey W Hill “This is one hell of a writer”—Angela Knight New York Times bestselling author “Everything Joey W Hill writes just rocks my world”—Jaci Burton New York Times bestselling author “When a reader asks me to recommend an author that authentically relays the Domsub relationship with all of its physical and emotional facets my first response is always Joey W Hill”—Fiction Vixen Risué Reviews This review is for the entire four part NAUGHTY WISHES series The story starts off with a bang as Samantha who is in love with both of her male roommates begins exploring how to take the ménage a trois from fantasy to reality I was anxious to see how Joey Hill whose writing I really enjoy would explore the emotional aspects of this relationship and the first two installments were compelling and hot as hell By part three however the extensive love scenes had become repetitious Worse I just was never convinced that all three were eually in love with one another Rather I felt like Sam and Chris were in love with one another and domme Geoff just wanted Chris but had to take Sam as part of the package What started for me as a five star delight dropped to about three stars Mind blowing Buddy read with Aly Part 4 of this series is all about Geoff Sam and Chris reaching their full potential in a loving polyamorous Ds relationship Sam's submissive needs are being fulfilled by both her men Chris has finally accepted Geoff's need to top him Geoff realuzes his Dominant need to care for the two people he treasures most in this worldI love this series and the characters evolved as their stories developed Ms Hill’s writing doesn’t hold me in thrall like it used to I think her writing style of slow deep introspection about the subtleties of BDSM relationships is wonderful for people new to the concepts I do still enjoy her writing though This is a good serial and it was satisfying to watch the trio find their way together I really liked that this was not a menage with the two men only pleasing the woman instead it was a true triad with all three mixing it upBought from kobo Happy to get to the conclusion of Sam Geoff and Chris's story It's been a long time coming pardon the pun seeing the three of them adjust to how they feel about each other including each of the individual couples as they work their way to an HEA Steamy compelling and emotional it's been a wild ride and definitely worth the read 35I would have been a 4 but the ending was a bit abrupt for me I found Geoff pretty tedious And this final installment just didn't hit my kinks I'm not much for the parties the euipment the props

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BDSM Romance for the Heart & SoulUnforgettable alpha males and strong female protagonists are the hallmarks of Joey W Hill's work in the contemporary and paranormal BDSM romance genres She has everything from boardroom executives cops and housemaids to vampires mermaids witches and angels A submissive herself Hill brings authenticity to her intensely emotional BDSM love storiesWith forty

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