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Model Citizen I really enjoyed this book Great characters interesting mystery very well written just a real page turner clicker?I have to say from the very beginning view spoiler I doubted whether Nathan really killed himself It just never felt right that he would leave Ollie that way hide spoiler I liked the premise and idea of this book the writing wasn’t bad and that’s about all the positive I could find in this storyOllie’s an interesting character but the simple truth is that I didn’t like him and the constant pity party going on in his head was boring and tiringHe was traumatized by his brother’s death and his ex boyfriend’s cheating I get it I can even relate with irrational fears but the constant “everybody leaves me I’m never enough and there must be something wrong with me” went from understandable to irritating when he kept insisting that Kade would leave despite Kade’s many and repeated reassurances to the contraryAnd the euation “Nathan had PTSD and killed himself because of it so I can’t get close to Kade because he’s been in the military and he could do the same thing” stopped making even a little bit of sense pretty soonKade on the other hand was pretty much perfect if you don’t take into account that he didn’t blink an eye at the idea and the reality because he actually does it of listening to the bug in Ollie’s work desk planted there without Ollie’s knowledge by his brother and then passed on to their friend Will who in turn passed it on to Kade when he started working with Ollie Ollie finds out about it from Kade but apparently in this world respecting someone else’s privacy is a foreign concept even to the person spied on Ollie gets angry for two seconds and then calms down immediately because he knows it was done to keep him safe Which is a recurring theme in this story Everybody in Ollie’s life seems to think it’s their job to keep track of him of his eating and sleeping habits and to make decisions for him I understand the concern he obviously had some issues to work on after his brother’s death but he wasn’t self destroying or anything and they treated him like a child It didn’t really seem to me that there was a strong enough reason for this level of interference and I kept expecting Ollie to call them out on it but he never did He found it irritating and got mad for a minute and then he let it go because they were obviously concerned about himSeriously these people need group therapy so much is not even funnyThe mystery didn’t hold my interest either It was predictable all the characters involved were one dimensional and the setting didn't work for me I don’t even watch reality shows on TV so the idea of a series of suspicious accidents in a porn version of Big Brother was far from entertainingIn the end this story gets two stars instead of one just because I didn’t hate it I was mostly bored and while I disliked the absurd and over the top meddling micromanaging bordering on stalking behavior of Ollie’s friends I couldn’t muster the necessary interest in this book and its characters to feel than mildly irritated on Ollie’s behalf There’s a cliffhanger at the end but it’s out of the blue and clearly put there just to get the reader to buy the second book I already bought it on sale months ago because I knew about the cliffhanger at the end of this one but I’m still not going to read it Reading some of the reviews I can already tell I wouldn’t like that one either and I’m not that much interested into even trying So this book? It was really kind of awesome I spent my entire day devouring it page after page after page I don't think I can really review it It is one of those books that really needs to be read for you to get the best interpretation And yeah it is one of those books that really needs to be readI would read books like this everyday if I could Murder mystery romanceMy favoritesPeople have mentioned that this ends on a cliffhanger I don't know I don't feel it really is a cliffhanger To me a true cliffhanger has you screaming OMG and dying to know what happens next because the story just ended with a total unknown This didn't end like that it ended with an awesome set up for I hope there is There has to be One of the best of the year in my opinion So I just got my review copy and I'm casually scrolling through and what do I see?SILK PANTIESThat's right gentlepeopleMANTIES 425 Stars I enjoyed the heck outta this one The mystery was good Kade was dreamy and Ollie felt like a breath of fresh air I'm really looking forward to the next in this series so much so that my mental grabby hands are nearly physical ones for all the good that'd do me Meh This is OTT to the MAX so than I probably enjoy I've read worse though at least I could finish it Ollie was very argumentative but I didn't dislike him like a lot of others did In fact I liked all the characters despite them being completely crazy it was the story I didn't enjoy I could guess everything that was going to happen even the cliffhanger and it really was too OTT especially the bad guys The romance between Kade and Ollie was rushed one moment Ollie couldn’t stand him the next it's 'can't live without him' I don't know that could be a bit harsh once again I've definitely read worse Maybe I'm just in a mood I wouldn't normally continue a series like this but the second one is for review Hopefully it'll be better especially now Kade and Ollie are together I loved this book cover to cover I devoured it A little bit of everything And Ollie? Yup loved him too Read this book if you love a good mystery Sexy times and manties yes that's right it has it all What if trusting someone you barely remember is the only way to survive when former friend brings murder to your doorstepShattered by the death of his brother Ollie is struggling to put one foot in front of the other Kade his brother’s best friend entering the picture seems like the help and comfort Ollie needs Trusting this older man with his secrets much less his heart is something Ollie isn’t so sure is a good ideaBetween the two of them they’re going to need to come to grips with their budding relationship and learn to trust before their current investigation kills them Literally Note This MM romance features a tattooed ex Marine a former model with a passion for manties and sticking his nose into mysteries and a bunch of reality TV stars with the habit of getting murdered Second edition Model Citizen by Lissa Kasey has it all It’s an exciting mystery a wonderful romance and a book that pushes the limits of its genre Kasey created a uniue protagonist with enough complexities and nuances to make him truly unforgettable For Ollie Petroskovic the loss of his older brother Nathan his only living family member is devastating He abandons his modeling career to take over Nathan’s PI business without a license or any real experience in the field While Ollie struggles with the feeling of abandonment caused by his brother’s suicide good friends join forces to keep his head above water His brother’s old army friend Kade comes to live with him and help with the business but Ollie can’t trust that Kade won’t abandon him just like Nathan did There are so very few truly gender fluid characters like Ollie He was based on Stav Strashko an androgynous Israeli model who identifies as a woman because society demands it but who’d prefer not to be categorized at all Ollie identifies as male but often dresses in women’s clothes of his own making and fully embraces his gender fluidity He is a highly paid model at the height of his career and he loves and respects his body precisely how it was made Lissa Kasey did an excellent job of explaining the challenges a person like Ollie must face every day even from those who love him the most Someone who doesn’t fit into the gender binary molds of society struggles to find a place and be accepted Even his best friend often failed to take Ollie seriously enough and the overprotective stance of those closest to him often drove him crazy But even than that the expectations for him to be something easy to define and describe were often crushing Although he struggled with his role and the way people viewed him Ollie’s self image never suffered for a second We desperately need characters like him beacons of hope and self respect with wonderful defense mechanisms and so much bravery The plot itself is very well done and I applaud Kasey for keeping me fully engaged from start to finish Ollie investigates a case involving his childhood friend and a porn reality show called Sex House He doesn’t have his PI license nor is he particularly intimidating but he is very good with people and incredibly clever Ollie never stumbled around with his case and he never gave me the feeling that I was waiting for him to catch up He only needed to prove his suspicions and his methods tended to be successfulAside from being a good mystery and a thrilling romance Model Citizen is necessary to the genre Everything about this book is wonderful and I’d strongly recommend it to everyone even those who don’t usually choose their reads within the MM genre 35 StarsI loved Ollie the gender fluid model with spectacular fashion sense and a penchant for trouble I totally understood his reticence to allow anyone else in and to get close to him But even my love for Ollie is eclipsed by my passion for Kade His stalwart dedication and devotion to Ollie even after Ollie is such a prick time and time again to himsighsOverall Mike Pohlable's narration was okay I mostly enjoyed his character voice for non conforming gender fluid Ollie who is the main POV for the story Though I did have an issue with Pohlable's style of enunciation at times I thought the emotion Pohlable displayed was really good I really enjoyed the infusion of sentiment Pohlable brought to the audioBut that ending? Yes it's kind of a cliffhanger but number one I was totally prepared for it and twoHa I can honestly say I am so happy I was right all alongOverall the story was uite enjoyable and I'll definitely check out the next installment in the series Audio copy of Model Citizen provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

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