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Tender Points Tender Points is a narrative fractured by trauma Named after the diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia the book length lyric essay explores sexual violence gendered illness chronic pain and patriarchy through the lenses of lived experience and pop culture Twin Peaks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles noise music etc Teaching Guide or Book Club Guide here bitly2aJV2X So well written Anyone interested in fibromyalgia rape culture and lyric essays should read this A beautiful and plainly written book length essay about living with and writing about fibromyalgia trauma being a survivor and Side note I can't help but feel a kinship with any writer who mentions riot grrrl in a book on any topic Many passages stood out to me and made me see the world in new ways but here's one that I reached for a pencil to underlineBrautigan's style of misogyny call it gentle misogyny subtle misogyny or microaggresive misogyny is woven deep throughout the fabric of our culture Tight little stitches you can barely see Woven so deep you could love one of his stories so much that a phrase from it is the first thing you think of when you describe your pain pain caused by a uiet act of violence permitted by this pervasive misogyny On Friday I went to Skylight Books to see Maggie Nelson read from her masterpiece edit one of her masterpieces The Argonauts and she gave a sterling endorsement for the writer that was following her a young woman named Amy Berkowitz I didn't gather that Maggie Nelson was the opener to a headlining act but was thrilled to see that her blurb was also on this book's back cover Also written in a format akin to The Argonauts and Citizen Tender Points is an immensely American lyric as well I picked up a copy and followed along as she read A searing document of a true eternal recurrence rape trauma and an informative treatise on the origins of fibromyalgia the implications of the root pains in hysteria a defense of the BOB in Twin Peaks and a list of great noise music recommendations aside it is a collage of disparate elements wholly connected through the communication of pain The reading triggered the hell out of me and there was some collateral damage incurred by that oftentimes those around me suffer when I fall into the infinite action replay spell but I digress At the signing I told her I was working on my own piece about my sexual assault This is true I felt like I had hit a lull but was invigorated by her ability to connect these elements together into a unified whole seeing her pull off the feat gave me something to rise to She wrote in my copy To Mike tenderly Write the thingAll I want is to show it to her when it is finished If it's remotely something she can behold to the degree that I did for her work it'd be a hallmark victory for all that I have deigned to create A short virtuosic work I reread this while I had a migraine and found it so compelling I changed my rating from three stars to five I found the short pieces moving and while I was in a place of pain reading them was very cathartic This time round I appreciated Berkowitz's brevity and her clarity In 2018 I said This is written in the style I think of as poetry essays These pieces rarely longer than 200 words sometimes read like short pieces of prose sometimes like prose poetry or sometimes a spoken word piece This style works very well for Maggie Nelson and is exceptional in the work of Claudia Rankine but Berkowitz doesn't have the same control as they do Sections here can feel repetitive or badly worded but my main criticism is the brevity of this book Berkowitz raises so many interesting topics from the sexism inherent in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia to the history of hysteria in medicine to the meaning of psychosomatic illness and how we view illness in a capitalist society I'm fascinated by all of this but each section was so short that none of these pieces felt adeuately explored and I was left unsatisfied That being said I do recommend this book there are some extremely strong pieces about medicine and sexism and some very moving writing about living with fibromyalgia As I also have this diagnosis I found these particularly moving and it's very rare for me to see my lived experienced explored like this

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